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Just my thought...
If the origonal metering plate was not there it looks like there would be about a 1/4" air gap all the way around that smaller diameter convex one.

There's not alot of air being sucked through there at starter motor speed and I don't think the metering plate would move one little bit to turn the pumps on or send any fuel to the injectors with just that smaller diameter convex curved one in there. The intake air would just flow around the disc and through that huge round air gap not moving it at all.

I don't think you would ever get the car to start without the factory disc in there along with the smaller diameter convex one.

The fuel distributor sends absolutely no fuel to the injectors until the metering plate moves downward around a millimeter or two - while pushing the control plunger upward in the fuel head less than a millimeter.
I have checked that with the injectors removed from the ends of the metal lines so there was no resistance to fuel flow from the fuel head, and no fuel dripped from the lines while the pumps ran and the metering plate was at rest.

When the fuel head is removed from the cast aluminum air flow meter housing you can see the counterweight on the arm in there over to the right side, and also see and feel where it comes up and contacts two little lumps of aluminum on the inside of the casting that act as stops when the metering plate is pushed down as far as it will go.

I havn't tried it, but you could easily get a small cut off wheel in there on a die grinder and grind some aluminum off those two raised contact points or counterweight travel stops.
Then the counterweights could go higher before hitting the inside of the casting so the metering plate can go down farther and push the control plunger higher in the fuel head.. possibly exposing more of the metering slits in the control plunger cylinder and sending more fuel to the injectors.

I'm not taking a chance of screwing mine up by trying that though..
I would like to try one of those convex discs on top of the metering plate.
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