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Originally Posted by cole930 View Post
Mr. fred,

I agree. This is such a hoot to do, I feel like a cave man discovering the wheel. it's totally trial and error. Steve has the opinion that the factory air cleaner has a lot to do with optimal air distribution and flow pattern which is reflected in the metering plate operating correctly. He has suggested using the stock air cleaner
with extra holes cut into the bottom side of the element cover. May be something to that.
I've been wanting to ask you about how you like your K27S I've been considering going that route.

Gotta love the k27S, nite and day from the k26 turbo. Boost comes in very early, like 2200rpm it starts coming in. All in by 2800 or 3000rpm I have to say. Plus it is very linear now in delivery. I also replaced the US heat exchangers with GSF/OBX headers and that probably has alot to do with the response as well. If your turbo is on the way out, mine had blown the seals on the intake side, then I say it is a no brainer.
Makes the car much easier to drive on track days without all the lag. Makes driving thru corners alot easier to modulate throttle, but still has the big punch once boost really kicks in at anything over 3400rpm to 6000rpm. I never really rev beyond 5800rpm or so because I don;t see the need to or risk throwing a rod. The rod bolts are the weak link on the 3.3liter 930 turbo they don;t like high revs.
I would also suggest a bigger intercooler, love my B&B set up.
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