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TimT, I was really hoping you'd chime in. OK, one thing at a time...

Originally Posted by TimT View Post
I was going to build a small displacement turbo engine for my own car a few years ago....You are following the right path building the bottom end as robustly as possible.

Why are you limiting to 0.8 bar boost? Pump gas

Put a 0.7 spring in the wastegate, and use a boost controller to select your boost..

Why 85mm? 84 is standard 2.2/2.4 bore... You can get the nickies or Mahle cylinders... Then get a JE 2.4S piston.. It will be forged, and low c/r..probably 8.5:1 which is fine for a EFI controlled turbo engine.. This may be a more economical path. Already have the Nickies. 8.5:1 is much higher than I had supposed safe. Provides some very interesting options.

I'd use other than 2.0 heads..go for some heads with as large port/ valves as you can get..More aggressive cams i.e. more lift and duration.. Also you make no mention of lightweight valve components i.e. Ti retainers. Also hi perf springs will be necessary if you want to spin the engine that high.. Already have Ti retainers and Supertec springs...heads already have the sickest port job you've ever seen.

Narbel headers are mild steel...M&K exhaust has some interesting mods of stainless SSI headers, the secondaries are shortened and a v band clamp is welded on.. This is ripe for easy twin turbo apps. Mine are already ultra hi-temp coated

You could save a bunch of money by using a 3.2 manifold... in lieu of ITBs.. The Nth degree of performance will be realized with ITBs I already own the ITBs and HATE common plenums

Are you going to twin plug the engine? Absolutely!

I'm a bit confused on your description of the EFI set up... Will you be setting up the MSII sequencer for sequential injection and direct spark? If so in addition to the crank sensor you will need a CAS (cam angle sensor) you can take this obviously from one of the cams, or use an old distributor to provide the signal.. You can control a COP system with just a crank sensor though ... Sequential fuel injection and direct spark are both possible, if I read the Maegamanual correctly...

That MSII sequencer looks very interesting...I may have to pick one up.. That damned thing is a Motec for pennies

No unless you can get variable valve timing and variable turbo vanes...If I could find a variable vane turbo, I'd do it for sure.

Sorry I strayed from which turbo to select...I'll ask Bill which turbo he told me I should use when I was going to build a 2.0 turbo...GREATLY appreciated
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