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Originally Posted by willtel View Post
Those are factory size Fuchs aren't they?

I desperately need new tires but I freakin' loath Kumho, I've owned 4 of them and replaced 3 early due to failure. Decisions, decisions...
Yeppers - OE 7/9's

I'd give CUMho another chance. I ran 2 sets of 255/40/17Y MX's on my urS6 and loved those, and those were no where near the tire these things appear to be. No early failures, and, I beat the bag out of those poor sluts. Heck, the 1st set I scored gratis off my Evo XIII bud who'd DE'd the bejeezus out of them prior, and they still served me well.

911st (darn it whatz yer name! 8-))... I was slightly worried too about them rolling past the lip too far, but alas that isn't the case. Many more pics in my picasa link above that should alleviate any of your concerns. And those groves are great - my MX's sucked in wet above 80 big time, and there's soooo much block to the rest of the tire it'll be a non-issue. Plus like you said, GRM knows better certainly.

The tires really beef out the car in a much needed way, I'm psyched to be able to keep the OE Fuchs while finally being able to get a 'real' footprint under there. Nice steamroller profile from behind (well, relative - certainly not a 275 or 315 heh heh but still), and the sidewalls def give it the old school look.

They're fookin' TALL tho - stood my schmoke'd 245 Fuzion ZRi next to the 265 on the car before I left the shop and damn them online calculators aren't even close. Heck the Fuzion merely comes up to the top of the CUMho script! Yikes! I'll bet my speedo is majorly schwacked now - tho - not like I use the damn thing I just go as the road / car / situation deem fit heh heh. I'll have to use my GPS and see how far off it is. Tho prior it always seemed off anyway - I've always joked Porsche calibrates its speedos not in Miles Per Hour but Miles Per PORSCHE, as they always seem to read waaaay higher than what it feels.

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