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Originally Posted by Ed Bighi View Post
Unbelievable how things done often a few years ago transition into untried theories on the new folks. This has been done plenty of times back in the day. Sure, one could buy a better flowing intercooler, but this does work pretty good. While doubling it up will not give you twice the effectiveness, it will be more effective than stock. And for very little money since you can buy them all day long for less than 100. It was a proven method, and does fit under the intercooler well after some trimming of the shroud which is required for any aftermarket intercooler anyway. The main weakness with this method isn't so much 2 cores versus one thick core. The weaknesses are mostly due to the extremely durable stock core. That almost invulnerability to getting bent and kinked when compared to the usual aftermarket intercoolers, which have very thin walled cores, is also somewhat detrimental to cooling the hot air. In fact, on those original intercoolers, even the little fins are so thick that that they are tough to kink up. Notice how fairly new aftermarket intercoolers have their fins looking gnarly while an ancient stock interooler thrown in some junkyard jooks perfect. Later cores, stock and aftermarket, are thinner cored for effectiveness. Those old intercoolers were so thick walled that I personally know of circle track racers who used them as oil cooler cores because or their resistance to debris.

Now, the one shown above, seems sloppy. It will fit, of course. But it's sloppy. Below is a job done right with the flanges cut off. Looks almost factory. This is the proper way to weld it.

Ah, a voice of sanity. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, and at least whoever did these two did them right.

With this you get a bullet proof although heavy IC with agreeably less heat transfer characteristics than modern aftermarket units, but for the price it should give better cooling vs. stock just from a surface area perspective alone.
So if on a shoestring budget and you know someone with excellent welding skills, go for it until funds allow for something better. There is nothing wrong with innovation, which is what ultimately leads to proven and accepted improvements.
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