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Originally Posted by TRE Cup View Post
No way is this car a usa delivery turbo in 1984. Delivery stopped at the end of 1979 and resumed in 1986 of usa legal cars.
Plenty of turbos (as well as other makes and models) were imported thru the grey market "back door" with non-porsche outfits modifying the cars to meet smog requirements on federal and state levels. Some of these mods were done well, some not so much.

We worked on quite a few of these grey market cars in '83, including a factory special wish turbo slant coupe. Gorgeous car with the center console, slant conversion, S front valence with the RSR oil cooler in it (yeah baby- $4500 piece!) The car was otherwise stock in the drivetrain area.
No question that you could order a car for european delivery with just about anything your wallet could support. Then bring it in the grey market way. A hotter motor would most likely not be done until the car passed. The regulations were very tough and the labs monitored.
We took a totally perfect condition stock ROW 80 sc, installed ALL the oem USA equipment on it: usa distributor, wur, new cat, perfectly tuned, passed california smog test station squeaky clean (they could not believe how clean it was) and we failed the start up cycle at the lab in bewilderment. Sucked it up and took it to the grey market specialist and with their tweaks, it passed. So hot rod parts as delivered from factory ? I don't think so !

Scottsdale and Alan Johnson in San Diego were known for selling and having installed the conversion kits to these cars too. Some of the parts are oem, some not. NOT saying that your car is one of those, but certainly may have had some subsequent mods done after delivery
Are you sure of this. I spent a good portion of 1984 helping to bring over 70 Porsche's and a few exotics over through the grey market. I myself brought over a fantastic 74 RS clone with all factory parts and a max moritz 3.2 liter engine for myself. The major hurtle was meeting EPA requirements. It was way too costly to bring these cars up to spec. The compliance center here in NJ was owned by the man who basically started the grey market and brought the early Ferrari's and lambos in. Cost to make these cars compliant were well over the cost of a new Porsche at the time. All of the cars we brought in were more than 5 years old so the owners could take advantage of the one time EPA exemption although DOT requirements had to be met. This was a far more reasonable approach.

I guess if you spent enough $$ it was possible but didn't make sense to do IMO. One thing I remember about the newer cars that were brought over is DOT made them replace the small rear bumperetts with bigger ones than what were used on the US turbo. Each car also had prove that a pendulum weighing close to 50 pounds could swing and hit a bar across them and not damage any part of the car.
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