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i guess i'm a latecomer to this thread, and i have a 951 so you could argue it's not really comparable to the 930 motor, but thought i'd chime in because i've been running the j&s for over two years now with great success and i thought i'd share my story.

i first installed the j&s with the wolf stand alone EMS system on the stock motor, details in this thread;
wolf3d -v400 review

since then, i've gone to a completely built darton big bore 2.7 with custom pistons;
2.7 darton wet sleeved motor with custom JE pistons

and then to a custom big-valve head;
big-valve head

the car will soon make over 420whp/wtq on regular 92octane everyday pump gas, that's over 100whp per cylinder. i have plans to make over 500whp using e85 fuel.

recently i've helped develop the next-generation wolf v500 system with j&s knock control;
wolf3d -v500 review

the j&s has a gauge with 10-LED knock indicator lights, that show you when knock is detected and how much timing is being pulled. this makes it very easy to tune the car, and a side benefit is that it also makes it easy to tell when you've got a tank of bad gas, which happened to me on more than two occasions and which would have otherwise caused engine damage.

i can tell you that without the j&s installed, these performance tunes would not be as easily obtained since it would not be possible to safely run the engine on the ragged edge of knock, extracting maximum performance. i'm sure you are all aware of how critical knock control is on a turbo motor.

you claim that the first time you pulled your motor apart, 'every compression ring was broken into uncountable pieces, all twelve.'

considering how much time and money you must have invested in your motor, why not at least try the j&s for yourself and see first-hand if it makes a difference? i'm thinking for less than $500 it's cheap insurance. i think it's rather amusing that 930 guys seem to be slow to adapt to new technology, y'all sure are a bunch of skeptics. whatever happened to the 'try it and see for yourself' method?

personally, i think the j&s is one of the best investments i've made and i think we're all very lucky to have someone like john stick around and take punches and criticism and feedback and continuously and actively improve the product. i only wish all other manufacturers stood behind their product as well as john at j&s does.
'89 turbo-s (2.7, wolf3d ems, garrett dbb turbo, tial 46mm, etc. fast!)

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