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Originally Posted by TRE Cup View Post
there are always "exceptions to every rule" as we have seen licensed row cars w/o a darn thing done to them during what i would call the draconian years of epa/dot.

Amerispec was considered the standard , as he worked real hard to make sure the cars met the rules. It did not cost that much to get the cars legal, otherwise the business would not have been so sucessful. Some cars, as you said, would be over the top since there was no equivalent usa version and/or were so dirty (like your RS)

BUT authorized Porsche dealers would not jeopardize their business on doing their own back door imports of a non compliant car; that would have spelled the end of their dealership agreement

I remember Amerispec well. They would do all the work and bring the cars down to the compliance center here in NJ. I knew the flatbed driver that would bring the cars down for inspection and release. They had a series of 6 288GTO's they did at one time and were lined up for the cover of Cavalino magazine about 1985.
They did more Ferrari work than anything. There were some real chop shops out there especially in Long Island. I saw some really shady looking cars being sold over there as original with exhaust and oil lines painted the color of the car although there were some very nice cars to be had if you searched enough. For the nicer cars itw as worth doing but most Porsche's were not worth enough $$ to make it worth while. I paid $7k for my RS clone in 1984 exchange rate was 4.5 Marks to 1$ which was about the peak. I had to pay roughly $500 to ship it over and another $3k to have it made DOT compliant. IIRC to do the EPA modifications would have cost over $10k which IMO was not worth going through the hassle.
Originally Posted by WERK-I View Post
My factory slant was imported into the US in '85 by an importer called, Exoticar Inc. (Gary Gnazzo). Port of Entry was Jersey. Heard of them?
Yes I do remember them I was talking to his brother a while back at a PCA event was surprised he recognized me after all these years. I purchased parts from him back when i was restoring my 914. They are long since gone AFAIK.

Originally Posted by WERK-I View Post
Ductwork? The RSR cooler is mounted to the front bumper with about 1/2" of space between the rear of the cooler and the bulkhead.

I had this same unit in my RS clone although the front end was totally customized. The bulkhead was removed and all new plates were welded in place to create air flow over the unit. It was great on hot days while moving but did very little if sitting in stagnant traffic.

I unfortunately never took pictures of it apart but it used the IROC front bumper to make it work. Both the hoses came off the right side and were routed into the car up front and back out again in the wheel well. Apparently this was done on the IROC cars and I had seen a real one with the same configuration. Although I don't think it would have met DOT requirements and was never checked.
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