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DSPTurtle: Yes, I agree that as white and with such body parts the white car of this thread looks great. But my point was you can't name it "Strosek". Same subject does matter with RUF cars: you don't make them "RUF" by changing bumpers and wheels, but merely by changing the engine. You might call it "Strosek styled" or something like that. It is the most typical sales argument especially in USA with fake Stroseks on sale (if you want I can point you very quickly more than 5 fakes immediately only using Google picture search). For instance here is for sale both real Strosek bodied cars and fakes... quite nice fakes, but fakes anyway. As you can read, they sell for you as well the fake body sets. And their pricing is one tenth as they advertise, so it is obvious the aftermarket value is one tenth etc... The quality and perfect fitting of original Strosek parts is absolutely excellent: it took me 3 years to fabricate racing parts even near that quality. Fakes... that's another story. I wonder who would like to drive kit car fake Ferrari? That would be way more humiliating than drive original small FIAT. I think that the value of originality counts remarkably with the value of the cars.

But I think 18k usd might be something one could pay, but it would be an insult of pricing of any serious Strosek modded car, because it is already the price of the original body parts for complete Strosek body . Last spring I got an offer of Green 160k euros from Switzerland and I didn't even think about to sell: the car to cover the performance of my Green would be much more expensive (Should be something like Carrera GT, F430 CS, Koenigsegg or so). Of course the value of my Green doesn't come from the Strosek status, but that appearance is part of it: the pure driving performance of the green is already beyond something 930 cars don't do without very heavy alteration. There is not too many old Porsches wich ar capable of really seriously challenging new factory GT3 Cup cars, GT3 RS and RSR cars... at least not in Europe. Many car owners tell their story of the performance of their cars etc. I rather concentrate to concretion: to prove and use it And I haven't seen too many hanging around neither in European or in Scandinavian circuits...

My grey 3,6L RS engined Strosek is more normal and would probably go if somebody offers around 45-50k euros... and that car still has torsion bar suspension and many other flaws, which will be updated in next winter...

Onboost: Thanks for your comment, I also like green with the original Strosek look. Some day it will be back in that form, but right now I use Green Afterburner more to the racing purposes. The reason for my racing modifications was purely functional: in speeds over 270km/h car was unable to drive safely already in straight autobahn. Now I can push 343km/h GPS speed safely and under control... to say: my oldtimer is now good enough to kill new 997 GT3 RS etc. brand new high performance cars in time attacks in track circumstances as well as in terms of performance, partly because of improved downforce stability with aero parts.

For instance old Nürburgring Nordschleife (20,8km) full lap goes now a great way under 8 minutes with street legal tyres (Toyo Proxes R888) and only old Porsche cars capable of such speeds are 935-racing versions or equal to them, and I'm in the reach of challenging street tyre lap records in most of the racing circuits in Finland. I think those reasons are good enough for sacrificing temporarily the smooth Strosek outlook.
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