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Wouldn't make about my sayings too big number, but I rather buy than sell .

I have 10 immaculate old cars (5 Porsches and some other special exotics, more in racing and performance oriented purposes) now in my collection, but here in Finland, in the social environment for cars as a hobby my personal collection is very very modest compared to many of my friends. It is not collected that much of sales value in mind rather than cars with some very special driving skill (as a sample my precisely period-detailed FIA Historic Rallye B Group Ur-quattro A2 with 428rwhp in it: an excellent toy for Historic Rallyes in winter and in gravel, big smiles when pushing it to my limits rather than the limits of the car which has real professional racing car performance). Green happens now to be very enjoyable toy for my certain purposes right now, because of its tremendous handling and performance capabilities. I don't mean I wouldn't rather take Pagani or Koenigsegg immediately if that would be in easy reach, but at least right now they are economically too far for my efforts (I think you can buy Koenigsegg with some 700k euros exl. import taxes and we all know the prices of Carrera GT:s, in Finland price even for used one would be still between 400-500k euros. Ferraris are relatively cheap here, F430 standard you can get used with some 250k euros. But still it is about 100k euros more than I have put money to building my Green. Therefore I would say that my Green is relatively cheap car compared to its performance, which I tried to say here earlier... The price of Porsche is a sum of its parts, at least when the serious performance delivery is the point of choosing one.'

For instance a sample of the solutions for choosing a GT3 racing car to our national championships series you can win with, it might go something like this way:
2009 Gallardo GT3, 530hp, potential winner, price in Europe as new appr. 350k e
2009 GT3 Cup S, 460hp, an excellent handling, fast in right hands, but compared to Gallardo needs very skillful driver, price in Europe as new appl. 295k e
2009 GT3 Cup, 440hp, price in Europe as new appr. 195 k e, price/performance ratio best of all, but not winner car without upgrades to aerodynamics, suspension and engine.
2009 GT3 F430 CS, 520hp, potential winner, price depending on equipment 380-480k e
2009 GT3 Audi R8, appr. 480-510hp, stunning fast, price depending on equipment 350-500k e

Then if you don't take new car, which would be a budget version to win in season 2009 or 2010 ?
Either 2007-8 GT3 Cup RSR downgradedfrom GT2 rules to GT3 rules, available in 280-350 k e
or F430 CS GT3 2006-2008 with 510hp performance package, available in 120-280k e.

What you can find surprising here, the competitive budget car would be used F430 CS GT3 with correct parts in it... 2006-2008 Porsche GT3 Cups needs more upgrade than GT3 FIA rule allows, so they are good for Carrera Cups and Super Carrera Cups and club racing... Speed and price is very relative thing.
My Green admits here mentioned cars faster when driving slick tyres, but older GT3 s etc. don't do it any more... Therefore I would say Green is very very cheap performance car. Everybody in this forum can agree that 930 based cars are very cheap cars to maintain and service, compared to the cars I mentioned in this post earlier. It is only practical and cheap to build fast and reliable street legal racing car from old 930 based car, even with update parts equal to the modern cars.

And back to the Strosek subject: why I have chosen Strosek body is its highly developed aerodynamical form to old bodied 930 as well as modern very carefully designed looks. It is easily best formed aftermarked body for pre-89 cars available and suite well for performance purposes. But it needs the aerodynamical set we have made.

And still I'm after a sort of originality when reforming valuable cars: either clean period correct classic racing replica or some other body modification with integrity in it.
Garage: Strosek 911 RUF BTR|Strosek 911 3.6 rat RSR|Strosek 928SR|928S4R|928S|996C2RSR...and more... Altogether 11 Germans - 3 Italians - 2 British

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