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Up to now I have watched this thread develop with tortured amusement on many levels. But, I've been called out here; Yes, I was also a skeptic about the 38 mile 930... until I met with Ed to see for myself the cars he kept talking about stored away in a warehouse. I was there to see them first and shot the initial videos of their unveiling. The cars are real and the mileage reported on each is accurate.
However, as was said in an earlier post "that car could be WAYS APPART from a museum piece, unless fully restored" is also an accurate statement. The cars were not stored in any manner resembling collector standards. The reasons for taking off the headlight sugar scoop trim rings, removing the fog lights, the signal lenses wrapping all of it in newspaper to be stored in a cardboard box escapes me. To be fair the 930 has some significant paint issues. The paint on almost every panel appears to have suffered some kind of distortion creating areas that could be described as severe orange peel. The cars were found with cloth covers and apparently have been covered since new for 30 years. Did this affect the paint? Was the defect a result of the paint to sample mixture? The Fuhrmann seats though rare and an expensive option at the time, are bizarre at best and appear as they could have also been designed by the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man.
I have tried to counsel my friend Ed that these cars and their needs at present are way beyond his mechanical understanding and abilities. All the sytems fluids etc, rubber bits, seals and gaskets, etc etc need to be well sorted before they can be safely driven.
To drive, restore, sell??? If an independent Porsche wrench is employed...
The cars will require significant financial expense to bring them up to a useable standard. Then what? The value will go down if the miles go up. I've recommended he sell the cars to someone who is capable and willing; spend the proceeds on something he can drive and enjoy as his first Porsche experience. If its another 79 930...Ok great but there are many well sorted 930's or other 911's that will provide lots of thrill without the issues these cars present. In the end they are Ed's cars and he wil do with them what he wants.
Ed, how bout some pictures of that Miura? Holy bat ****! That will be a project for a true masochist with a very large bank account!
How about I just drive one of yours !!! (The stay puff man) ,that was just not right!!!

and about the miura just not ready for all that typing !!! this is not my fortay

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