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Saturday Loop Directions and Map!

Directions and Map for Saturdays loop. aka Asheboro International Raceway.

1. Head east on Hoke Ln toward Alamance Rd
go 0.1 mi

2. Turn right at Alamance Rd
go 0.1 mi

3. Continue on Old Onslow Rd
go 0.7 mi

4. Turn right at Suffolk Trail
go 0.5 mi

5. Turn right at Auburn Hills Dr
go 0.3 mi

6. Turn right at Groometown Rd/NC-1129
go 6.9 mi

7. Continue on Muddy Creek Rd/NC-1922
go 0.4 mi

8. Turn left at Harlow Rd/NC-1226/NC-1229
go 0.7 mi

9. Slight right at Harlow Rd/NC-1926
go 1.6 mi

10. Turn right at Cedar Square Rd/NC-1929
go 0.5 mi

11. Take the 2nd left onto Farlow Farm Rd
go 0.6 mi

12. Slight left at Hohn Davis Rd/NC-1932
go 0.2 mi

13. Turn right at Davis Country Rd/NC-1926
go 0.6 mi

14. Take the 2nd right onto Branson Davis Rd/NC-1941
Continue to follow Branson Davis Rd
go 3.6 mi

15. Head south on US-311 toward Beeson Farm Rd/NC-1525
go 1.4 mi

16. Turn right at NC-1415/Old Way Rd
go 0.4 mi

17. Turn right at NC-1415/Plainfield Rd
go 2.8 mi

18. Continue on Lake Lucas Rd/NC-1518
go 3.3 mi

19. Head west on NC-1004/Old Lexington Rd toward Charlotte Church Rd
Continue to follow NC-1004
go 5.3 mi

20. Turn left at Earnhardt Rd/NC-1539
go 226 ft

21. Head southwest on Earnhardt Rd/NC-1539 toward Jerico Rd/NC-1412
go 2.7 mi

22. Turn left at NC-1574/Slick Rock Mountain Rd
go 0.7 mi

23. Take the 2nd left onto Hoover Hill Rd/NC-1408
go 223 ft

24. Head south on Hoover Hill Rd/NC-1408 toward Covered Bridge Rd/NC-1406
go 3.5 mi

25. Turn left at US-64 W
go 0.4 mi

26. Take the 1st right onto Garren Town Rd/NC-1332

27. Head south on Garren Town Rd/NC-1332 toward Rich Country Dr
go 4.2 mi

28. Turn left at Golden Meadow Rd/NC-1314
go 1.4 mi

29. Turn right at Moore Rd/NC-1318
go 0.6 mi

30. Turn left at NC-1193/Old NC Hwy 49
go 0.5 mi

31. Take the 2nd right onto Lassiter Mill Rd/NC-1107
go 0.1 mi

32. Head southwest on Lassiter Mill Rd/NC-1107 toward NC-1163/Science Hill Rd
go 4.9 mi

33. Slight left to stay on Lassiter Mill Rd/NC-1107
go 3.8 mi

34. Head east on High Pine Church Rd/NC-1143 toward NC-1109/Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd
go 9.5 mi

35. Head north on High Pine Church Rd/NC-1143 toward Hopewell Friends Rd/NC-1142
go 23 ft

37. Turn right at NC-1114/Pisgah Rd/Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd
Continue to follow NC-1114/Pisgah Rd
go 7.7 mi

38. Turn right at Cox Mill Rd/NC-1115
go 1.5 mi

39. Continue on Hurley Farm Rd/NC-1309
go 1.0 mi

40. Turn right at Abner Rd/NC-1311
go 16 ft

41. Head east on Abner Rd/NC-1311 toward Hurley Farm Rd/NC-1309

42. Turn right at Hurley Farm Rd/NC-1309
go 1.8 mi

43. Turn left at Love Joy Rd/NC-1310
go 9.9 mi

44. Head south on Love Joy Rd toward Johnson Rd
go 420 ft

45. Turn left at Johnson Rd
go 0.3 mi

46. Turn left at N Main St/NC-134
Continue to follow NC-134
go 1.2 mi

47. Turn right at NC-1323/Okeewemee Rd
Continue to follow Okeewemee Rd
go 6.3 mi

48. Turn left at NC-1340/Okeewemee Rd
go 2.5 mi

49. Head north on NC-1340/Okeewemee Rd toward Ether Rd/NC-1349
go 151 ft

50. Slight left at Ether Rd/NC-1349
go 2.9 mi

51. Continue on NC-1188/Old Troy Rd
go 1.3 mi

52. Turn right at Little River Rd/NC-1118/NC-1119
Continue to follow NC-1119
go 2.6 mi

53. Head east on W Main St/NC-1119 toward S Broad St/US-220 S
Continue to follow W Main St
go 0.7 mi

54. Continue on NC-705/S NC Hwy 705
go 0.7 mi

55. Turn left at Fork Creek Mill Rd/NC-1002
go 5.6 mi

56. Continue on Little Beane Store Rd/NC-2907
Continue to follow Little Beane Store Rd
go 3.9 mi

57. Head north on Little Beane Store Rd/NC-2900 toward NC-42/NC Hwy 42 S
go 187 ft

58. Turn left at NC-42/NC Hwy 42 S
go 3.4 mi

59. Turn right at Grantville Ln/NC-2611
go 2.9 mi

60. Slight left at Foxfire Rd/NC-2611
go 3.0 mi

61. Head north on Foxfire Rd/NC-2611 toward NC-49/US-64 E
go 95 ft

62. Continue on Andrew Hunter Rd/NC-2235
go 49 ft

63. Turn left at NC-49/US-64 E
go 1.5 mi

64. Turn right at Loflin Pond Rd/NC-2221
go 0.5 mi

65. Slight left at Foxworth Rd/NC-2222
go 0.7 mi

66. Turn left at NC-2216/Old Cedar Falls Rd
go 1.0 mi

67. Take the 1st right onto Henley Country Rd/NC-2215
Continue to follow NC-2215
go 2.2 mi

68. Turn right at Old Liberty Rd
go 12.9 mi
total 12.9 mi
then back to greensboro via 421 to 62 to 220.

the total loop is right around 200 miles. non stop on my duc I do it in just under 3 it should probably take us 4 -5 hours.


All these guys do is drive too fast, work on cars, chase ******* and drink.. really no fun at all...

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