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Originally Posted by Charlienofun View Post
Spent a few mins at lunch today looking over the car - The white wire is connected to the over boost switch and I tried just grounding it to the spade that is stuck on my BOV didn't make a difference. I thought I smelled fuel after cranking it for a while but It might have just been fumes it certainly didn't have any fuel coming out of the exhaust after multiple attempts to start it. There was a bit of corrosion on the bolts that hold the BOV into place, any chance its not making good enough a ground?

I guess the more important question now is does the over boost ground line also kill spark? I don't hear the CDI box making its whine with the key in or after I stop cranking, I just replaced the turbo timer relay for the CDI system and I am used to its high pitch whine but I def. am not hearing it right now. I checked the fuses in the front box, they all look good.

In a few hours I'll take off the Charge Cooler again and back trace all my steps hopefully I can find something really stupid I did or maybe the over boost wire is busted somewhere.

Thanks to everyone for helping me so far I'm understanding more about this car every day due to you guys!
The overboost sensor, in conjunction with the yellow overboost relay, shuts down only the fuel pumps when overboosting. So, when you were cranking away and not getting any fire - and smelling gas - now it sounds more ignition spark related.

If you want to check to see if your fuel pumps are running, simply turn the ignition on, pull the blue electrical plug from the top/back side of the fuel distributor...and the pumps will light up. Now pull the white wire from the boost sensor, and the pumps should stop. Ground that wire, and the pumps should start back up. If no pump issues show up after following those steps, then assume ignition.
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