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The motor is a stock 3.3L with the 1994 Turbo S M4P3-Option Camshafts. The ECU is a current generation AEM with a wideband lambda sensor running closed loop at idle.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a readout on the numbers from the tech.

Car seems to run the smoothest at a 13ish AFR at idle, but I'll try leaning the mixture out to 14.7 and see where I come in. Thanks for the feedback.

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First of all:

What car are we talking about? Which engine? What EFI? Do you have a lambda sensor and is it working? If you have a catalystic convertor you will probably have a lambda as well. Make sure that lambda is 1.0 during idle and 3500 RPM. If it's not (for example, if car runs rich) your CO values will be elevated.

We need full run on your figures to give you sound advice. The typical emission sniffer will give you CO, NOx, lambda and CO2. We need at least CO and lambda.

Car must run in closed loop during idle and 3500 steady throttle to deliver good CO values with catalystic converter.

Just having a cat and letting it run rich won't help.
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