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To get your fuel right they will need to make the WUR adjustable, or they will be pulling it apart, making slight adjustments, putting it back together, testing, taking it apart etc etc etc etc. Hopefully they will get it right for you! Otherwise get it sent to Brian leask

What is more important first, in my opinion, is that you know for sure that you are getting exactly the same fuel to each cylinder. Testing the AFR's with a single sensor only gives you an average over the 6 cylinders, 4 could be spot on, one really rich and one dangerously lean, that's a recipe for disaster! When you have checked delivery from each injector simultaneously and you know them to be bang on, then you can read the AFR's from that one sensor and know everything is right. Get your mechanic to read this thread Meter head flow adjustment question??

Another point, the sensor should be placed about 3 or 4" away from the turbo, not before it.

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Well all the questions you ask are good. I just came back from the shop. I thought I was getting the car today. I drove it. Drove fine, until about 3200 RPM then it would starve for fuel. They spent the about 2 hours on timing. They drilled a hole in the exhaust and put a fitting on where the two header leads go to the turbo. They hooked up to a computer and read the air to fuel mix. They made the adjustments and it runs beautifully. Still at around 32-3300 RPMs it would starve for fuel.

We checked the two fuel pumps and found that the rear fuel pump was not plugged in. We plugged it in and it worked like a charm. Only thing is when we went for a road test, it is now to much fuel. So I just left the car there now to be retimed and the air fuel mixture readjusted. I should be in the car tomorrow.

A bunch of small things seemed to have popped up. The sump cover on the bottom of the engine was leaking and stripped and we got a new one. One of the oil sumps lines on the pass side to the main oil sump was leaking. We changed that. The rear sway bar links had to be changed.

Anyway. I am trying to be calm. I should have the car tomorrow.

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