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Originally Posted by DailyDriven'88 View Post
ertech: Car only has the aux air slide valve, NO gold discs. Your issue may have been the same but the cause here is different.

Jfairman: Air sensor pivot has been de-gummed with carb cleaner. I did that when I removed the entire unit and separated the fuel dist. from the housing. There was some varnish around the pivot, but operation was still very smooth. I completely flushed that area out and the pivot moves just as freely as before, NO change in surge was noted.

Vacuum leaks to me would indicate a lean condition at idle? Correct or not? If so, how does that conicide with a rich condition surge?

Inconsistent control pressure regulator? You mean faulty WUR? Been rebuilt by Leask less than a year ago, and it ran fine after the install. I guess it could go bad, but pretty unlikely. Obviously though, I wont rule anything out.

What REALLY gets me is I can stop the surge if I play with the gas pedal a little bit. A slight rev to around 1500rpm and let off a little slowly it will idle ROCK SOLID like a normal car.
Hmmmm.....mysterious, especially since you can get it to stop that nasty symptom by revving a bit and SLOWLY letting off the throttle. Sounds like something in the throttle body itself, maybe gummed up and not letting the throttle valve close completely, or an obstruction in one of the vacuum or bypass air ports in the TB. Try pulling off the two vacuum hoses from the TB, as well as the idle adjustment screw...and shooting some carb cleaner in there. Just a long shot idea, I admit.....

Oh...when's the last time you ran any fuel injection cleaner (Techron) through a tank of gas?
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