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Ok, well as I said Ive tried warm cp's 3.4 to 3.7 with zero effect. I do appreciate the tip though, but Im not sure if the adjustments Ive made have proven it not to help? Perhaps, i should go above 3.7bar and see. Of course this means I wont be able to any hard accelerating due to the lean condition it will cause prior to the 4k rpm enrichment switchover.

I see you keep saying my idle is rich, which Im going to assume you think its a rich surge. Ok, but once I get the idle to settle, its 13.6 to 14.1:1, which to me, looks very good. If I lean it out (which Ive tried) to get rid of the surge, once I get it to settle, the idle is quite a bit leaner, sometimes in the high 16's:1! To me, thats not right, and not to mention the damn surge continues on the next drive cycle!! It does change the intensity and speed of the surge though. One thing is certain, so far it always returns no matter what adjustments are made, its truly makes very little sense. Due to the fact that nothing Ive touched thus far has seemed to cure it, Im thinking Im poking around in the wrong area(s) entirely (duh!), and the problem would have to be internal (such as fuel distributor) or god knows what else.

I appreciate your help so far as well as your afr details. My cruise afr is around the 13.5 or a tick lower. Its not the greatest for gas mileage thats for sure, but anything leaner and im not in a safe range under full load/WOT. For me, it looks like a trade off, and Id rather see cruise mpg's go down versus a $costly$ lean condition.

I will slowly raise warm cp again and maybe something different will happen, who knows.
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