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I said that because I asked him to raise steady warm cruise CP a few days ago (which would also raise idle CP a little) to see if it would push the metering plate up a little higher leaning out the idle mixture a hair and see if that would stop the rich mixture rpm oscillation at idle.

He says he can't do that because it will lean out his boost CP at the same time. Fine, that is correct to a degree, but that is why I suggested lowering the seperate boost CP adjustment to compsnsate for raising steady cruise/idle CP.

All 4 seperate spring pressure adjustments on the BL adjustable WUR affect each other and once you get one set right you have to go back to the others and reset them too until you find a balance that works on your car and it's state of tune.

I've readjusted my B.L. adjustable WUR around 40-50 times trying to tune around 2 different Flowtech/IA modified +20% fuel heads until I got things as good and consistant as I can get it.
I don't think there's many people out there other than Brian Leask that have spent as much time adjusting his WUR's as I have and know the results as well as I do. It takes an incredible amount of time to tune around a modified fuel head from the beginning.
Now I know where to start with one if you're using it on the street and you want to get decent gas mileage still.

The boost CP adjustment is the approximately 15mm round stainless steel interference fit disc on the bottom of the WUR. It is setting spring tension internally.
The 4mm allen head adjustment in the middle of this disc is the warm steady cruise/ CP adjustment.
These 2 seperate spring tension adjustments are very adjustable and sensitive and can make big differences in the CP's and AFR's under boost and or steady cruise.
If you have the rpm switch and vacuum solenoid on the MAP line to the WUR you don't even have to mess with the threshold adjustment because the boost clamp overrides it and is much more effective.

When you get all the other settings right, you go back and reset the cold start CP a little and you're done.
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