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Your stated goal is to fit a Duck Tail, build a flexable 3.0 Turbo that is not over stressed and that makes near 400hp.

Here is an idea.

Keep the 930 pancake manifold and convert it to EFI.

This would allow you to build a custom air to air inter-cooler that will fit under your ducky!

(I have wanted to do this.)

The pancake manifold if ported at the heads will easily support 400 EFI HP.

Under boost as long as the ports are equaly sized to fit the head it will flow reasionable balanced air.

Side benifit is it has less volume that has to be presserized when comming up on boost.

Open the intake ports up to about 36-38mm. Custom cams -- version of hi lift GrupeB-or- SC/3.2 cams timed for higher rpm. I am guessing that a 3.0T is not going to need C2 cams as it takes smaller gulps of air. Further they are not designed for use at higher rpms with there steep ramps and higher lift. If my car I would build it for safely run to a 7300rpm red-line but with good power from 5k-7k.

Set the compression at 8/1 for responsive low end and faster spool withboost at .8 bar. Or stay with 7/1 and go for 1 bar boost for about 35 more hp. On race fuel you could even go past this.

Use the K27-7200 as it will support up to about 380hp on CIS or 425 on EFI which is your sweet spot and it will have very good response with the smaller 3.0 size. Otherwise, look at the more modern designs that are not based on the K series.

I suspect keeping the dist and going with an MSD single plug set up will give you a better spark than most crank fire systems. With EFI alowing for beter control over your AFR's, the smaller cylinder diameter, and open chamber/low crown piston I do not think twin plugs are going to be needed (993TT & RUF Yellow bird were single plug.) Especially if you go with 8/1 compression ratio.

This should come in very close to your 400hp target.

One potential issue with air/water IC is if there should ever be a leak in the core you can be subject to hydro lock. Further it is complicated and with the pump, radiator and plumbing will be compacted and maybe even add more weight.

What a fun project!
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