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Well, have spent the last couple of weeks getting the girl ready for T3.

Valve adjustment. Check. Oil Change with new non-leak silicone gaskets. Check. New plugs. Check. Replaced worn braided oil scavenge line. Check

As u guys at at T2 this past summer may remember, on the last day (sunday) my starter quit and we were having to roll start the old girl. Well, after pulling my starter, it turns out that the starter and solenoid were actually ok, but the old (POS) yellow solenoid wire is at fault. This is a common problem on old 911's and 930's, where the yellow solenoid wire, somewhere along it's path from the ignition switch to the starter, gets worn, or loses conductivity, and not longer can supply enough juice to crank the car. Couldnt seem to find out where along the line the loss was occurring, no matter where i tested.

So, i bought the 'hot start' relay kit from our host, and installed the same set-up Gabe has in blackbird (which i really liked).... a push button starter. Found a perfectly sized switch from autozone for 5 bucks, and drilled a hole in the pre-marked 'hole' spot just to the right of the steering column.
Ran a fused wire from the pos. terminal of batter to dash, then another wire from the relay kit though the rear tranny access panel, under carpet and to the dash, and 'Voila' got push button starting. Just turn the key to juice up the ignition, and push the starter... she never started so good

Anyhow, to make a long story longer, after zip-tying everything and double checking all work, finally took her for a short spin last nite. Ran great, even after having sat for basically several months while i got the SC ready for Europe, and euro trip.
Pulled back into bay, and while running, looked underneath for leaks... and saw there was oil running out of the turbo exhaust outlet where the zork tube flange meet the exhaust housing. Was no smoke at all. Promptly shut her down and unbolted the zork and cold side inlet pipes. Was oil residue on inside of ehxhaust housing, but very little on cold side, other than some which had leaked down.

More significantly, when i checked the turbo shaft, and there was a ton of lateral (but no axial) play. The impeller spins freely,with no grinding of the housing or of the shaft itself. Bad seal???

So, i guess she is finally is getting back at me for cheating on her for 3 weeks in Europe with my 'other' girlfriend.

Anyway, the turbo is off to Tim's Turbos next week (he got a good rap here in one thread, anyone here dealt with him for Garret rebuilds?), Tim's Turbos - Turbo Rebuilding for a rebuild and the 930 will not be coming to T3. The cabrio is down at the moment until i have time to replace a bad crank sensor resulting in a no-start condition, so that leaves either the Ducati or 350Z
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