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I reeeeeally enjoy how so many of us are sooooo helplessly >>>sick<<<. LOVE IT! Shows those that gravitate toward 'these' are verymuch cut from the same thread. Great minds, ya know.

Soooo much cool stuff here, where to begin!?!? ???

Geoff - no shot of your Bell 8-)?

Justin - awesome bike that's purrrrrty, and always dug that genre Caddy - killer Eldo! And that matte blk 965 looked incredible - that shot makes it look like a toy. Very nice.

Frans - great Bugs (madman) and M3/4/5 - my bud has a 26k clone in Chicago which he doll'd up in full Lightweight regalia, looks quite fitting.

Slyguy - that Galaxie is one of the sexier cars I've seen - great iteration and loved the driving impressions, that's nutty - those poor tires.

Spence - I was lol'ing on the Mongooses, etc - too funny, I'm from that generation too, heck I still have my Skyway T/A 8-). Your poor girlfriend is right!

Linc - that Chris Craft is dead sexxxxay - nice lines! Must go like snot.

jly535 - real cool 535iT - neat!

930lad - cool Piper Cub, great story - I grew up having a Taylorcraft in my garage to play in (and a TR4 in the driveway), while most 'normal' kids had tree forts heh heh.

Mike the Snake - enjoyed the glider stats, good for you.

Steven C - the GTAm is one of my all time fave cars, vaaaary nice!

Gilach - R5T2! NOICE! The James Bond chase seen w/one seen as an impressionable youth had lasting impressions. Waycool. Local friend had an orange one years back, insane cars.

Jonathan - your brother's a lucky dawg with that Delta Integrale - and a killer color to boot! Good for him! I've seen one here stateside 8-(. Now... one of these daze my 'unique' language will make sense to you heh heh.

Clexton - saahweeeet Boss! You run SVRA? gnarly!

procharged - my GOLLY is that the f'n most humongular turbo - it's bigger than my cranium! Eeeek!

Gumba/Quack/Willtel - I've already gushed over yer junkers in the last thread on 'this' (tho ditto on wanting to see the XJ6CV8 heh heh). I'd posted my heaps in that one but here goes:

My TR3 @ Watkins Glen Vintage Fest last year, resto'd 15yrs ago - this is the first year I did not even touch it once - pretty sad I am about that, no reason just busy:

Alumibiatch's my daily, 3x car seats fit in this Brembo-braked Recaro-Trophied roller-cam follower'd 7200-redined 40v Tiptronic'd Allllllllll Aluminum triple-digit commuter... and then the snows go on and I let my Torsen induced 4wheel rooster Freak Flag FLY - muwhahaha 8-). It's a *supremely* capable beast (and I have issues deepdeep issues - my poor tires):

keep the toys coming guys - good stuff, the reason for going to work in the morning (well aside from the silly little things like wife/3kids/house butofcourse)...
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