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Originally Posted by totle View Post
Canada and also Norway has colder climate that mid/south US.
Will a bigger intercooler make that big of a difference?
I would rather use the bucks on header than intercooler...

Am I wrong here?
A larger intercooler in my opinion dose three things.

First it dose cool the charge air and gets it closer to ambient than a stock IC when on boost. Even with the same level of boost this can get you from 20hp to 35hp depending on the car and the expert's opinion you source. When Porsche built there 91 3.3 Turbo the principle change was in improved intercooler. With this they raised there HP quote about 30hp I belive.

Secondly a larger IC makes for less air flow restriction. This might not make much difference at stock or lower air flow levels but at increased levels less restriction on the intake side may keep one from losing efficiency/ VE at higher air flows.

Third it allows one to more safely run more boost. In theory, if one goes from .8 bar to one bar one could get up to 11% more power if efficiency's are not lost elsewhere. (2bar/1.8 bar= 111% or an 11% increase.) Thus a motor with all the right mods to make 360hp at .8 bar in theory could make about 400 at 1 bar
(360/1.8 times 2.0=400).

For compairsion I suspect headers in my un-expert opinion are going to be good for up to maybe 10-20hp over your late HE's with no increase in boost. This is worth considering.

Headers (shorties) can reduce lag which is very appealing to some and often becomes the deciding factor.

It should be noted that things like you intake ports size, cams, turbo, and fuel capacity will become limitations as to how much HP you can safely make of if you will get the improvement hoped for. Thus, going from 360 to 400hp might be supported by the math, however these restrictions will likely make it less.

I belive I still have not answered your question.

The factory choose to improve the intercooler over the exhaust when they needed to bump HP. An intercooler will alow you to run safer. An intercooler will alow you to explore higher HP throught increasing boost.

In the end, it is a personal choice and should be part of a biger plan that you have decided on so you do not do things twice.

In the end you will probably end up with both. For me, if I had to only have one, I would go with an better IC.
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