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Justin - at this point i think we would be financially smarter to by a couple boats!!! lol!!

Haha.. sorry i've been in a funk the past 24hrs since it went out... well to recap a little, we got going in st louis in the middle of the huge storm.. and stayed with it, so unfortunately i have only been able to scratch the surface of really driving the car... haha
Its kind of hard to put into words what it has been like to drive the car, its been so surreal, getting in and comfortable is like taking bath in alcantara, the 1 piece carbon buckets are just right too. Once going theres a couple of things that are immediately apparent, one is that commanding the car is almost telepathic, its not twitchy or jerky, but god can it turn quick, and the brakes are so immensly powerful, feel like they could bring a car twice the weight down from speed with ease... and the powerband is so wonderful.. for a stock car its got this great growl, and the turbos making delightful noises at every adjustment of throttle input!! the first chance i had to lay into was coming up an on ramp in 4th at about 55mph and soon as it made full boost the rear came loose, note to self .. too much power for the rain "check", haha.. the gearing is perfectly spaced and just short enough that you would find yourself using all of 6th on a fast track... the little i was able to find out what she was like it was so impressive, in 6th at 80mph just half throttle it just soars past 100 so quickly, when i wanted to go faster my mind kept saying.. time to downshift to get into the powerband but not in this car.. its so wide and torquey just leave it in sixth and give it some gas and i would find myself doing 130+ in just a few sec..
the car has ZERO body roll as expected of a finely tuned track machine but instead of the spine rattling harsh ride i was so pleasantly surprised that this takes a rough road so smooth i kept having to remind myself i wasn't in a luxury sedan.. and god can it cover some miles, it just positively eats the road, i'm not going to lie i was on a huge high the whole time of just experiencing the car, and there are a few compromises, like the carbon seats, and tight footwells and no luggage room.. but who cares!! all i know is i was having alot of fun on the interstate in terrible weather, i can't imagine what its going to be like to have it on a good road in the dry!!
i do have some reasonably good news, if things go really well the car could be back up and running by the weekend.. but bad news is best case scenario it will be fri and the kevlar clutch going in will need several hundred miles of driving to break in before i can give her any boost so she won't be fit for any good driving by fri! but i will be there some how some way!
heres a few pics.. weather kept the picture taking opportunities to a minimum! haha
One thing the is truly indeniable about having a noble is it immediatley elevates you to rock star status.. i never would have believed it till i saw it, but EVERYONE watches you.. and people are constantly taking pictures with their camera phones.. nearly wrecking you and them both to get close.. every gas station you stop at atleast 3 people have to ask about it.. and we stopped at this one wondeful shell/burger king joint.. and i overheard some finely educated man telling a fellow female coworker that he didn't need to go look at it any more because "i've seen dem lambos be-fo in canary yellow, dey always be gett'n busted" .... such a refreshing conversation! hahaha... i only regret i didn't go in to talk with them about the yellow lambo!

this is a great example of what it looked like for 800 miles! haha!

i love this one!!

back at speedwerks...

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