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Originally Posted by Ben V View Post
I was looking at pressurizing the 69 EZ then checking the timing to see if the ignition retards.

I'm thinking there might be a vac leak somewhere as the revs hang but only intermittently. In fact I had to adjust the idle the other day as it was reving 1350 idle, later that day I returned it back to where it was, strange!

Fuel I am using shell v power 99 Uk. I even mixed in some toulene to see if that made a difference. Still had det if it is det. (plug show signs of det). This has lead me to think it is a fuel supply issue, like injectors because Toulene should stop det dead, unless there is not enough fuel?

Toulene would have raised the octane, depending on the concentration level. Good idea to check all the vacuum and pressure sensor lines. You should never have to adjust the idle screw if all the other control devices(Auxilary Air Valve and Warm Up Regulator) are in working order. You may have a WUR going. Check your control pressure after the engine is up to temp. An intermittent AAV will give you idle problems if it doesn't close all the way when the temp comes up. The fact the idle went up, means you have a slightly rich AF setting(most people set slightly rich) when additional air is added in an area which bypasses the throttle body. Check all the hoses first. You may be in luck.
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