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Correct! one of the injectors wasn't seating well after the back flush, fortunatelt I have got it seating again. I was pretty careful but the cooper wire idea is good.

The reason I am looking at the fueling is if it was leaning out on boost at 4.5k upwards injectors could be clogged up, I have heard there are some gause filters in the injectors which can block or loose efficiency. The vac system seems in good order and the 69EZ seems by all accounts to be pretty reliable. I still have a slight question over the WUR and warm up valve?

Any way enough guess work time for dyno diagnositics, afterall it may not be detonating at all, it could be a rattle, I suspect no though and it's not worth the risk of serious engine damage.

The guys I am taking to are 80's porsche specialists, so they do have all the test gauges and knowledge, at least I hope. They are going to weld additional Lambda boses in the manifolds to test with wide band lambda sensors and we can check the ignition timing on load. I guess I will also get to know how much over the stock 320bhp it is.

On the point of the O2 sensor control, I thought the sensor was a benefit over the 930 system giving the fuelling the ability to richen the mixture on full throttle by lowering the fuel pressure with the frequency valve.

Thanks again Guys for all your input!
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