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What a nice mostly original low milage 930 cab you have.

Is the exhaust still stock?

Before I would look at changing the turbo I would free up the exhaust from as much back pressure as possable after the turbo. That alone can make a significant change. It would almost be a shame to change out the turbo without a free flow muffler section /cat delete. It is possable just doing that might be enought to get you by befor moving on to stronger addictions.

If you are interested in staying closer to stock to maintain value the K27-7200 is what Porsche came up with when they updated the 3.3 CIS motor for it to go into the 91 Turbo. It was also good enough to retain for the 3.6 C2 Turbo. It can support up to about 380hp. It also fits the fuel deliver of the stock fuel head quite well. It comes in quicker than the stock turbo and other biger turbos. It isalso more effecent in the sweet spot your motor will operate in unless you are going to add an intercooler, ports, cams, & crank up the boost.

If you go to sell the car the 7200 seems to be an acceptable improvement to most including buyers that are interested in a more stock 930. It also dose not as much add the question as to how hard the car has been floged compaired to say a car that has a K29 quick spool or other K27 hybrids.

The aftermarket Hybrids are great turbos. Most these days keep the smaller hot side of the 7200 and add a larger compressor wheel. These wheels do operate more effecently in the area past 300hp than the 7200 and can support HP over 380 if needed. With the biger compressor they move more air quicker and come in a little earlyer. They also take a little more time than the 7300 to reach full boost and usallly but not alwas reach full boost a little later. May like them as they come into the power softer and in a more controled way. I had a proper K29 and an and early HF but switched back to the 7200 as I liked how fast and hard it came on. I also felt it was faster for the type of driving I did even though it did not make as much gross HP on my car and I had all the CIS goodies. It did cost me some 30hp up top but I did not mind the trade off.

All are good choices but again, a mostly stock well tuned late 930 with free flow exhaust can do pretty well to.


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