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Originally Posted by copbait73 View Post
Very interesting read. However, just to give this some perspective, when I read the first post I thought so what, another very expensive Porsche aftermarket product claiming a new elevated performance standard.

For the record we need to be reminded 35 years ago our pioneering Porsche engineers did:
1.4L Baby 935, 380@8000 (259HP/Liter)
2.1l Carrera RSR Turbo, 480HP@8,000rpm (228HP/Liter)

Granted these are gross HP levels and do not speak to throttle response however the implication this is a new performance level provided solely by this product’s design characteristics is untrue. This was done with MFI.

I’m not discounting the great impact EFI has on bringing drivability AND high HP to racing and street applications. My first impression is save your money, buy a cast off 3.6L N.A. manifold, adapt any other modern EFI system. You’d realize the benefits of Porsches 30 years of building throttle response and high HP in their air-cooled engine.

At the same time one must separate and give credit for the contribution of twin turbos over singles in discussions of configuring a responsive high power density engine. Here again engine performance characteristics favoring parallel twin turbos over single turbo were defined for these engines 24 years ago while Porsche tested systems intended for their 959 program. In this discussion we need to be reminded many sanctioning bodies limit turbo cars by specifying only ONE turbo can be installed. They do this knowing it effects the entire engine system.
Copbait, sorry, didnt mean to imply that the guys at PWR were doing anything revolutionary, just that they were building very reliable, high HP TT motors using ITB's as one of the elements. ITB's and dual bank intake manifolds are elements that don't seem to get much attention from guys here and elsewhere doing high HP builds. The focus seem to be on factors such as displacement, turbo selection, EFI, etc, with it almost a foregone conclusion that some form of single plenum intake will be used.

As i mentioned earlier, what the factory did back in the 70's with MFI and high specific output motors was nothing short of incredible. The fact that PWR is using the same designs sans MFI to achieve similar high and very reliable specific outputs is very cool.
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