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Thought I would update this thread.

I have not had much time to work on the car and am getting very frustrated with it being down. I simply do not have time to troubleshoot thoroughly and need a few good ideas to check.

Here is where I am now. The engine has been out and in 3 times. When I first took it out I changed the following:
> swapped trannies with one rebuilt with custom gears
> changed ignition cap/rotor/plug wires
> changed fuel filter
> removed fuel injectors and checked performance then ran mineral spirits through to clean them
> adjusted valves and added silcone gaskets
> installed new adjustable shocks

When I put the engine back in it ran a bit "cammy" but nothing serious. The rebuilt tranny was making a horrific noise in gears 1-4 (on the lift) so out the engine came to swap trannies.

I put the original tranny back on the engine and put the engine back in the car. The engine still ran "cammy" but good enough to test out the headers. I warmed the car up driving around the block and all was fine. The "cammy" roughness went away after 2000rpm.
So then it was time for a boost run. Got on the highway and in second gear then hit it. The thing ran like a scalded cat! Blew the tires in 2nd and I quickly shifted to 3rd and got off the gas.
When I got off the gas the car ran terrible.
Something let loose during the run. It shuddered and missed but continued to run until I got it home.
I checked everything I could think of:
> turbo up-pipe and intercooler O-rings. Good.
> plugs/wires/cap. Good
> injectors - PROBLEM. #3 cylinder (pictured above) was dripping fuel from below.

The rebuilt tranny was now re-rebuilt so I decided to take the engine out again and explore the fuel problem then swap trannies.

While the engine was out:
> I had a friend come over and verify the valve adjustment was OK. It was.
> Pulled injector #3 and tested it. Found it to be leaking badly with a bad spray pattern. This was the same injector I had previously cleaned and verified the pattern as good ?????
> Replaced injector #3 with another cleaned and verified good injector.
> Swapped trannies.

Still ran rough.
Much better than before but not good. Checked the engine and #3 was blowing fuel. Removed half the CIS off the top of the engine and fixed the leak.
Engine still ran rough. although better. Good enough to run the car through the gears on the lift and hear the wonderful sound of nothing coming from the tranny (problem was mis-aligned trust washer - thank you MBEngineering!)
Decided to swap out injectors 4-6 to see if maybe I screwed them up by cleaning them. #6 cylinder started blowing fuel. Had a hell of a time making it stop. These fuel lines haven't been cracked in 10 years and seem to be perticularly averse to fiddling.

So this is where I am. As a side bar to this mess I bought some CIS parts from a crook in Florida who never sent them. I back-charged my credit card a month later then bought an entire Euro CIS from an EFI converted car in CA with the plan to swap some parts.

ANY suggestions at this point are welcome. This has put me a month behind with the headers and heat exchangers. I REALLY want to find out what happened and fix it but have no more time to waste on this so may just swap complete CIS systems with the one coming from California.
This does seem to be fuel injector related and the engine now runs better without fuel spraying all over cylinder #3. I am leaning towards changing out all the injectors but dread fighting those leaking fuel lines.
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