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Sounds like you're looking at the same car as I have... green/tan '89.

Here's my .02:

Mine was obviously very well cared for. Sadly, I've owned a lot of 80's CIS cars from Audi and VW, and all have been finicky... sometimes bad cold starting... sometimes bad hot starting... sometimes both... and many times unpredictable vapor-lock in hot weather.

My 930 has been the exception to the rule. It starts instantly and seems to run perfectly under all circumstances, including extreme altitude and very hot temperatures. Honestly, I was *very* hesitant to buy a 930 or 965 simply because they were CIS cars (I still own 2 CIS Audi urquattros, and have plenty of reasons to be afraid).

Since buying it, I've driven it on several very long trips (1000+ miles). It has always performed perfectly, even the A/C. This from a car that had nearly 100k miles on the clock when I bought it. I can honestly say that I've been very impressed. It even uses less oil than the manual tells us it will use.

The only weird thing it has ever done has been related to the fuel pumps. On occasion, they will fail to start. Several attempts cures this, but it has been an annoyance. It is related to the signal from the CIS telling the fuel pump relays that the engine is running, but I have not chased it down, as it would be easy to jump the relays if I ever needed to.

Having spent a fair amount of time in some NA 911s (and recently a 993), I can say that the real difference would be a "daily driver" factor. I can't really imagine using a 930 in this capacity, whereas an NA 911 would fit that duty just fine.

I think you can also expect to find some "deferred" maintenance. Despite mine being very well cared for, it still had some loose suspension bushings and things that needed attention. It also had a failed oil cooler fan, and at nearly $500 for the electric fan, I can see why it was not replaced.

Power... well, I wouldn't go into a 930 expecting to be impressed. For me, it was all about the visceral nature of driving the 930, and naturally the flat out sexy look of the car. Since buying the car, I've installed RarelyL8's exhaust, a B&B intercooler, a K27 7200 turbo, along with a 1 bar WG spring. Even with these things, the car isn't what I'd call "fast" by today's standards. However, the car is very rewarding to drive in a way that other cars just are not.

I just drove an NA 993 from Denver to San Fran. While it was a very fun car, it just wasn't the 930. But again, the 993 was a car that would be very easy to use on a daily basis... and has plenty of poop to be considered fun:

If you decide to try the 930, I doubt you would ever be unhappy, unless the car has been neglected. I'm a sucker for power, and I still love the 930. The only things I think that I would have HAD to do were Brian's muffler and replacing the headlights. The OE muffler kills the engine, and the headlights suck. These are must haves, IMO.

By the way... that green color sure seems to avoid scrutiny from the police, and that hasn't bothered me a bit.

Good luck.
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