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Just want to add something about the cam spray bars.

I've looked at mine closely because 2 of the holes in my passenger side spray bar were clogged when I bought my car.

I've only been able to find 3 oil holes in each spray bar, one across from each cylinders valve train and there's only one spray bar in the top middle section of each cam tower.
The 3 oil holes in each spray bar point straight up vertcal and they probably wouldn't be able to cover everything evenly in the entire valve train if they sprayed sideways toward the camshaft or right at them with only 3 oil holes.

The oil comes out of the 3 holes in a straight stream of oil straight upwards [ take off the upper valve cover and start the car or crank the starter motor and watch!] and ricochets off the inside of the angled valve cover and splatters spreading out all over the camshaft lobes, rocker arms and shafts, valve springs, retainers and stems, and everything else in there lubricating and cooling everything.

I've heard the white teflon valve seals are preferred over the tighter dark colored rubber ones because they let a little more oil past to lubricate the guides and valve stems.

I wonder if anyone makes finned exhaust valve guides for sale and if it would be a good thing on a street car.
Doesn't look like a valve seal could be installed on the finned valve guide in the picture above so there is a good chance of a bigger cloud of oil smoke when starting the car after it sits overnight with those installed.
I'm guessing that because the bottom of the crankcase and the lower half of the cam towers fill with oil as it drains back into the case from the oil tank overnight.
If your oil tank level is towards the top of the safe range when running hot and then you take the upper valve cover off after the motor has sat 12 hours or so and look down in there with a flashlight you can the oil level in the bottom of the cam tower is halfway up the inside surface of the lower rocker cover so it is possible part of the exhaust valve stems and maybe the some exhaust valve guides are submerged in oil at that point.

The possibility of the oil level in the case and cam towers submerging the exhaust valve stems after sitting overnight also depends on how much oil is in the motor and oil tank, and some people like to run that at the low mark on the dipstick to lessen oil smoke on startup.

just some more thoughts...
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