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Originally Posted by Thierry25 View Post
That's true that you can find people with a failed KKK series either ...

As to the power, I don't think the fuel flow matching bring any additional power. It can bring you safety. The rebuild was carefully made on mine ( everything was changed and I spent some time in the workshop to see the job quality ) ..... and I even paid recently for double checking the valve timing since I wanted to investigate about the torque drop beyound 5300 rpm.

So except the rise in compression ( how much did you put ? ) I don't see any reason to be such different. In the mean time, all the 965 T that I know in france which has been modified with 964 NA camshaft (these cams can provide higher HP than SC cams as we have on our car) provide about 420 Flywheel HP under 0.95 bar with K7200. So do you think your higher compression bring about 50 to 60 HP compare to my setup ? or don't you think that your dyno is a bit optimist ?

I think the 60 to 130 MPH time won't bring an exact answer since the gear shift can be different between 2 drivers. But if you have a datalogging of the time you spend to go from 2000 rpm to 6000 rpm in 3 rd gear .... it could be compared more accurately.

By the way, do you still have the stock wastegate cat exhaust or did you install a cat by pass on the wastegate exhaust ? Many thinks there is nothing to win except to get a nice "animal" sound. Normally the wastegate regulate the back pressure and there is no gain to get here.... that's I was thinking until now. But if we consider this problem in term of exhaust flaw, it is possible to think that the cata restriction reduce the total flow output under a given back pressure. Thus, it is maybe possible that with free flow exhaust on wastegate output, the back pressure remain the same as with cata restriction but the total flow is increased. What is your opinion Brian ??
No offence taken with comments hopefully on either side.

Not exactly sure how much compression was raised,the heads were skimmed to remove damage suffered from snapped head bolts and i also skimmed 0.007" of the barrels on my lathe to clean up face on them also.

The headwork done on my car was top notch also and flows were tested against various valve lifts before and after with print out to show excellent gains!(got data somewhere)

I disagree that flow matching will not bring you some hp gains as all six cylinders individual AFR's are then being tuned to give optimum power performance!..
In fact under near exact same conditions my car has gained 18whp between flow matching fuel and fuel curve improved over adjustable WUR /rpm switch to my new frequency valve set up.

My car runs 1 bar boost and no less.

Car has been tested on more than one dyno using optimax 98 ron fuel and the 401whp figure is from the lower dyno test and this dyno in known to give conservative read outs as it has been proved to me whilst testing mine and numerous other cars and 930's i have modded recently,completing on some occasions dyno runs before and after mods.
Also note that the dyno uses a very large fan at rear with ducting directly on top of the intercooler which definately helps produce nearer correct figure,,has your dyno this feature?

Same dyno last month under very similar conditons i tested a 930 i had modified.
1988 "euro" Low mileage 3.3 engine with excellent leakdown numbers
B&B headers with fabspeed muffler
1 Bar boost max
Koklen intercooler
Fuel flow matched from 12% variation to within 2% cylinder to cylinder.
Adjustable wur/rpm switch and tuned to achieve excellent fuel curve.ign timing 29degrees.
333whp(approx 370fwhp)
In my opinion this figure is pretty conservative also!

Also i was advised to roughly add on 40hp so i would be nearer 440fwhp not 460(maybe you use the 15% drivetrain loss which i dont agree with on a modded 930/964t)

As we all know dynos can vary and i believe there is more chance your figure is low rather than mine being high in my opinion..

I do think 60-130mph is a better test than most dynos to compare power outputs if you log under same conditions....Driver to driver gear change dont matter because you can adjust this to suit as this time is also clearly logged!

Anyway there was a seperate thread previously about people stating their 60-130mph times as this is best to compare power in similar cars under similar conditions,,jbl930 started the thread sometime ago..

Sorry if went off topic slightly,now back to the thread!!
SP Autobahn
Porsche inspector for Peter Morgan UK
"92" 964 turbo,Modified and recently rebuilt using all ARP hardware..
Purpose built fuel controller set up to acheive perfect fuel curve on CIS inj.

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