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Here's some more links on bosch Kontinuierlich Jetronic system.

The first one has good pics, it's a 6 port fuel head from an SC instead of an 8 port fuel head origonally cast for a V8 Mercedes like the 930 fuel distributor but they are very similar so that doesn't matter as far as becoming familiar with the internal parts by picture...
It also shows another reason the cast aluminum USA fuel distributor is superior to the cast iron 76-79 and rest of world fuel heads - cast iron rusts when there is water in your fuel faster than aluminum will corrode.
CIS fuel distributer cleanout w/pics

CIS Flowtech modified fuel head website. This is the place that made the imagine auto modified fuel heads.

Mor CIS information links..
Porsche Parts-Special T,Porsche CIS fuel injection parts, fuel distributors, warm up regulators-
Auto-Solve Diagnostic Assistance
K-Jet Resources - aussiefrogs
Porsche Fuel Distributors
CIS Primer for the Porsche 911

I've been told the flowtech modified fuel heads have the 6 metering slits in the control plunger cylinder CNC enlarged.
I believe the width of the metering slits are tapered wider towards the top to flow more fuel mostly at high rpms but I don't know and the guy that builds them keeps that a secret.
I could take the control plunger cylinder out of one of my 2 flowtech M007 fuel heads and measure the metering slits for taper but I havn't done that.

The lambda frequency valve is removed and the lower chamber fitting gets a threaded plug.

I've also been told the USA fuel head gets the internal fuel passageways from the metering slits to the 6 individual injector flow adjusters in the upper chamber side of the differential valves machined larger, and the 6 seperate 3mm spring tension adjustments under the 4mm button head caps screws are turned clockwise to increase and also equalize fuel flow to the injectors.

I've read that the USA modified fuel head can be setup to flow more fuel than a modified euro head.
I can only guess why and my guess is because the aluminum USA fuel head can be CNC machined easily because it's made of relatively soft aluminum while the cast iron euro fuel head material may be too hard for the CNC machineing process flowtech uses... but thats ONLY a guess.
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