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Originally Posted by copbait73 View Post
Ok, if you look at what the factory delivered in 3.0L engines you had 180 HP N.A. and 260HP boosted to 11.8PSI. This is 6.8HP/one PSI manifold boost.

If you wish to take a 8.5:1 N.A. motor and simply lash up a turbo with little cost and some risk you should expect 210-220HP on pump gas. If you wish to start spending money to reinvent the wheel do that also. Turbos are great devices, they can give you just about any HP you wish. The F1 guys produced 15HP/CID, that equates to a 2700HP 3.0L.

See below effective compression ratio chart for suggested manifold pressure.

I dont really understand the equations, but i can assure you my 79SC 3.0 with 8.5:1 boosted at 9PSI on pump gas was putting out way more than 210-220 hp, i think a less restrictive exhaust alone brought it up well over 180.
Henry Schmidt felt the 3.0 i had at 8.5:1 at 9lbs of boost would of made close to 350hp, i wonder how he came to that theory....
I never had it Dyno'ed but i can tell you a Kennedy Stage 2 clutch and pressure plate couldn't hold it.

I am still running basically a SC 3.0 engine with the only modification done to it is the
930 Euro intake,intercooler, 930 oil pump, and 97mm turbo piston and cylinders with the wrist pin bushing modification for stroke using the 3.0 SC rods, twin plugged, boosting to 1bar via a K27-7200.


914 6 Turbo twinplug 3.12
87 924S
Lexus SC400
Lexus LS400

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