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Gabe, it's basically a video showing all of the glory days of Porsche racing, with vintage footage of spyders and RSK's at the track, road grime laden drivers smiling at the winners circle, 935-01 at Vallelunga blowing flames on downshift, the 911 rally cars shooting rooster tails of mud and sand as they flew across Africa. Do you see any of this imagination inspiring stuff like this from today's Porsche Motorsports?

I used to see ads like this from Porsche when i was growning up

Paul, remember these great ads YouTube - Porsche Race to Street TV Advertisement (ok, well the last one was a little lame, but hey, it was the era)

Where is this ethos now? Where are the racing engineers who worked their way up in the ranks to eventually run the company? Where is the ground breaking technology and innovation that used to inspire us to lust after these cars, demonstrated by their prowess on the track? Hell, Penske showed the factory what the Spyder was capable of by often beating the Audi P1 cars, and nothing has come of it yet. I hate to say it, but Porsche motorsports for the past 10 years has been a mere shadow of it's former self.

Does anyone really care who wins P2 at Lemans????

Everyone makes a big deal about Weedy 'saving Porsche'... WOW buddy, thank you for doing your job, but at what cost? The soul of the company? Incredible and ironic isn't it that a guy that owed his very job to a company that was BUILT on racing would say that what he said. But it really shouldn't come as a surprise, as being just another soulless, been counting dweeb, it was obvious he had no interest in the racing or the history of Porsche other than as a marketing tool.

Lets look, shall we, at another man who 'saved' a dying German car company.

Ferry Porsche's grandson Piech did it for Audi by going back to it's performance roots, starting with the take-no-prisoners Quattro and all the way up to todays R8. He did it by demonstrating technical excellence and prowess ON THE RACE TRACK. He waits for now one, but demands innovative performance. Hell, i never thought i would see that day that i lusted after an Audi, but the R8 and 10 rock. (Any guy that green lights his design department to stuff a 12 cylinder motor in a golf as a 'styling exercise' is my kind of guy YouTube - VW Golf GTI W12-650 )Seeing Audis dominate ALMS and Lemans year after year, tells me a lot. Of course Piech's resume also include the 906 through 908's, the 917, Audi quattro, Bugatti Veyron, Modern Lamborghini's (he put lambo back on the race track for the first time ever) and Bentley as a performance car.

Piech and Penske are guys that innovate means winning and inspiring; Weedy??

Audi should have made this ad, as they have really been the ones 'Racing not posing'

Ok, rant off, enough of the past.

I am looking forward to a new era of Porsche Motorsports. Piech, a man with racing fuel in his veins and pistons and cylinders constantly on his brain is back on board... i just hope he doesnt have an health issues before he takes the company back where it needs to be.
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