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I fully agree with you guy's on Porsche losing it's soul in racing and management. But as a former auto industry worker I know that Porsche is only giving it's newest generation of buyer's what they want. Customers demand sat nav i pod hook up and all the gidgets gadgets you could possibly stuff into a cars shell. Most new buyer's dont care about the pedigree that the car has only how good it looks out side starbucks or in management parking. Customers demanded suv's so Porsche answered back with the Cayenne , they want luxury so here's the Panarama.It's just buisness but to us die hards who love all the things that built Porsche's reputation for being a no hold's bared "drivers" car witch took special skill to master it around all comer's at the track is just a slap in the face.I understand that due to safety and epa regulations Porsche just cant offer us the kind of car our 930's are but we can keep our heads held high because we still own a piece of history in witch there will never be another one built like it. We can still take our smelly air cooled monsters and terrorize anything modern at any event or road all with a smile on our face.When all things are done it's the "real" car nut's who keep the tradition alive even after the company is gone. I agree that the newest generation of 911 is nothing like ours. I hate the way they look and feel.I love running my hands along the fenders of my car and they feel solid,rich,smooth as glass,expensive, and alive with history. It feels like something that will be around for along time. When I touch a modern 911 it feels like a new chevy impala,nothing,dead,plastic,cheap,and regular all the way down to the door handle's. I do not mean to offend anyone with a modern 911 but when you compare the build quality the older one's win in heart and soul. When Porsche steps back up to the plate and give's us something to be proud of and root for on race day I will start watching racing again but untill then on any weekend I will be terrorizing the back roads in Kentucky thinking of the time when my car's sibling's were dominating the track....Ah yes and flamage!!!
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