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Howdy Tomy,

As just mentioned in my long winded recent post about not commenting on projects, will not on any technical elements of yours here except to say it’s funny you should mention a specific use percentage, ie, 80/20. Here in the US in PCA club circles when someone mentions the 20% track usage part of their planned car build equation they are invariably referring to “winning the DE”: That’s the driver’s education events often run on the same weekends as PCA Club Races where the expert/solo sessions can run nearly race speeds - but inline with no passing in corners - against more diverse machinery than in the actual races themselves. Sort of an informal driving/mechanical gut check of your equation against any eligible street licensable door slammer out there that can pass tech.

Only one part of this objective is real irrefutable performance, the 20%, while the 80% part is measured by static elements like meeting (barely) street legality and your ability to tolerate discomfort in routine use. It’s probably better to benchmark the requirements for an effective race car and up-content/soften to meet the street than the reverse which is so often done with DE cars over here: lots of blingy disjointedly installed catalogued items not applied as a coordinated “system” – that paramount for making a weekend track warrior comfortable out there at the performance fringe…especially in traffic. That’s exactly what this chap did here. He bought an absolutely wonderful factory 993RS CS in your country, imported and raced it successfully but it was just a little to hairy for the street, too valuable to drill holes/mod for more usability and couldn’t be legalized. On the other hand, it’s stunning 993 C2S Aero replacement was not only too heavy and soft, but again too valuable to carve up and modify for track duty.

So here’s a racer’s answer - nothing exotic in these areas: power plant, a nice, quiet (important in your country) flexible EFI package motor with about 500 RWHP at .9 bar, broad power band with good headroom to 7,500 rpm and a reasonable weight reduction program. But, note the emphasis on the reinforced chassis, tied in cage and suspension especially those Motons. With a 930, one can sorta fake the engine part for 20 or 30 minutes at a time as no one'll know about the painfull revelations of leak downs done afterward in the privacy of one's garage but dicey handling won't work in the face of extremely refined modern machines like GT3's. More appropriate to 930's than to the 914 to which it's monikered on Pelican, ours are truly the evil cockroaches at the limit unless carefully fettled.
You are already onto emphasizing the handling part so maybe this’ll benefit some others.

As someone who'se driven these cars daily for 32 years, the best part about this one is it’s been flogged as a DE instructor car, drag raced and street driven for 5 years while requiring only a valve adjustment. Sounding admittedly old school, noone makes such a versatile durable platform like the 930 that can be turned into one of these now a days.

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