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Good question. I read through stup's thread as well as I could and did not see where he stated the factory spec for the injectors.

Thus, it would be good to verify both the SC and 930 spec's.

However, he said his injectors flowed 120-124 per 30 sec which is 240-250. He also clearly states his control pressure flow rate was 220/min.

Again, it would be worth checking. However, I would still probably try to just get this thing back together and see what there is to work with. CIS fuel distributor's do not like to be stored wet and that can create issues. However, he seems to have effectively flushed it and is flowing equally so it is probably flowing as well as an SC head can.

I do not know what boost Dr. J is going to get with his supercharger. However, if he dose run 6 psi it will start out with boost at idle and build with RPMS. That is a bit different than how a turbo build boost.

If the motor is a 8.5/1 CR and runs 6 lbs, it will be an effective CR of about 10.1/1. A stock 930 is about 10.2 so the AFR's need to build progressively with boost.

The cheapest way would probably be to keep the stock WUR and try to adjust around it and or bump the system pressure.

Getting a D-WUR or a controller and a frequency valve to manipulate control pressure would be more accurate but more expensive.

I would not expect perfect AFR's but CIS dose not deliver them even on a stock car. It just might run a little fat on cruse.

At least that is my guess.

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