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Do you have good gas there? 93?

I would think one could buy a full 930 take off with stock turbo and intercooler for about $1000 if one waits and watches.

The stock turbo would come in a little later which is fine and the HP expected is right in its sweet spot. Yes a 7200 or GT would be a bit more efficient.

Could get a .6 bar spring from 3.0T. Many factory WG's boost a bit less than rated.

A .6 bar spring with stock 9.3 CR puts the effective CR at about 11.7. An 8/1 CR at .8 bar has an effective CR of about 11.18. A stock 964/993 is 11.3. Stock 7/1 CR with 1 bar is 11/1. And an 8/1 CR w 1 bar is about 12/1.

Could set the AFR in the high 10's at TQ peak. Lave the cam timing stock. Would be on the edge but if you have 93 gas and or not running on the track should be fun.

I would not do this without an intercooler, fat AFR on boost, and a solid timing strategy.

There are some cheap ways to lower your compression. You might put a 1mm spacer under the cylinders to drop CR to about 8.7. Could trade an early SC owner P&C's to get to 8.5/1. You could machine some of the dome off your pistons. You could have your rods shortened with the small end bushing done in off set.

As to HP, a stock 3.oT euro made about 260hp. With your bigger intake ports, compression, an intercooler, SC cams -- it should do better than this. Thus, still think something like 250-300chp is possible and with better throttle response.

Still need a clutch, a second fuel pump, and an oil cooler. Thus it is still not going to be cheap and watching for a used 3.3 is probably a reasonable alternative.

Just a thought.

However, a set of headers & carbs would be fun to!

The Spec 911 guys are getting up to 235hp with these on a mostly stock 3.0 motor on a well developed car.

Or, a nice SC should sell in the low teens. 930's can be had in the low twenty's...

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