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SUCCESS! I just got back from a no-bumper excursion with some rip-snorting passes on the Taconic State Parkway... it's probably a good time to lay low in the garage for a little bit.

The most noticeable thing is that first gear breaks the tires loose as the boost comes on, something it did not do before. It does come on earlier, which is probably why. I wish I had boost and RPM logging data to really bring to this thread, but my LM-1 only has AFR. I did have to richen it up a touch, as it was at 15.3 at idle; whether this was due to my tuneup and valve adjustment, or better breathing, I can't say. The new Magnecors, cap, rotor, and plugs finally lit up the #4 cylinder, and again I'll never know which component it was. I suspect it was the wires as per my findings documented on my earlier posts.

I love the sound, too. With the sixth cylinder running, it actually seems quieter than I first thought at idle, but it cranks it up when I'm on it. The wastegate dump just adds to the party when it pops off. It being January in NY, I've been driving my truck all winter and haven't driven a real car in months- it's awesome how quick this thing rips up to 100MPH. Not having driven it in months, I really can't comment on off-idle tip in improvements right now, other than it still sucks compared to any other car out there.

That's it for now. When I get it buttoned up (bumper, lighted license plate bracket wired up) I'll take it out real legal-like and get some non-boosted impressions. Right now I'm enjoying the sounds and smells of the car ticking down to room temperature in my garage, and enjoying a general sense of bonding with the car. It took longer than expected but I would recommend this setup to everyone with one of these cars.
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