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Originally Posted by Maxx1 View Post
I didn't take time to listen if the pumps were running. I would think that if they were working fine when I pulled into the gas station, what would cause them to fail upon restart? I'll have to look into that.

What I'll do on the next weather break is to take the car out and make sure I don't turn it off, then come back to the house and see if I can get the car to repeat the start problem. I'll make note if the pumps are running and maybe pull a plug or two to see if they are wet.

Thanks for the ideas.
Unless you or a previous owner has bypassed all the various gizzmos that prevent the pumps from running unless you're cranking the starter, you won't hear them ('cause they won't be running) with just the ignition on. Got to pull air across the metering plate, thus activating a micro switch and turning on the pumps.

Of course, you can (and diagnostically should when you're having starting problems) force the pumps to run with two different methods: reach behind the fuel head and pull the blue electrical connector. The pumps will run as soon as you turn the ignition on. Or, push down on the spring loaded mixture adjustment screw on top of the fuel head until you reach resistance and push beyond just a little bit...effectively deflecting the control arm and mimicing the deflection that would normally happen when cranking the engine and drawing air. The next time you have a starting issue, do that. If the pumps refuse to run......well then, you're narrowing it down and we can troubleshoot from there.
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