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may I ask what you think you will be gaining by adding big reds to the rear?

The 993 C4 fronts are the same as the 928 S4 calipers and similar to the 91-92 964 turbo fronts. The only difference is the rotor size the 91-92 turbo uses a 322 x 32mm rotor vs the 993 which uses a 304 x 32mm rotor. Otherwise pad size is 48 x 132 mm and piston size is 44/36 mm same as the big reds. The only difference you would gain by adding the big reds is an extra 10mm of pad width increasing it from 48mm to 58 mm and 18mm in rotor dia. Sounds like a lot of effort for little improvement.

Clamping force should be nearly identical. So what gain would you see. I have no idea how much power you are running but you might consider a change in pad compound long before messing with big reds all around. I am using big reds up front and 964 turbo rear calipers and matching rotor size on my 300 hp C2 track car with pagid yellows front and oranges rear and I can easily exceed the ABS on my car and go right into threshold braking. My car weighing a hefty 3000 pounds should outweigh your 930 by at least 200 pounds and I am sure you have a larger contact patch than my 235/265 tires i am running.

I would think if you want more stopping power you would scrap out the big reds and go directly to a brembo racing setup. They have calipers that offer large pistons (ie more clamping force) and use smaller pads that are far more reasonably priced than the options available for the big reds.

Just a thought.
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