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Shaking in my boots here!!...There goes my engine........BANG!...ha ha....

Thousands of hours effort into rebuilding/modifying my pride and joy and would not risk anything i didnt have total confidence in,and with my ability i am confident.

Not everybody has thousands of dollars to spend on headers so let the man be,,,and at 15% the price of other brands available at the time...yes 15% the price,,I am 100% confident and happy with my purchase!.....

To answer your question, NO!,,there is not an economical alternative at the price of $379 dollars...At the time of 2 years ago B&B was one of the other brands available which i have also heard negative comments about.

Eh and am not nuts my friend or neither is the other buyers of similar products..As i have mentioned before on this subject there is plenty happy obx,gsf,shnell header buyers out there..

looks like someone maybe please look and read below!!!...and thousands of miles of track use and supporting over 600rwhp,,what more a test do we require!!!....Hey,,he must be totally nuts!!!,,,check out his headers!..oh my God risking that

Think i need to say no more other than anything else to help the original poster!

Originally Posted by petri View Post
I wonder why the discussion of CIS capable or not? It's not that much of a capability, but the characteristics of the engine.

This is what I have in my rear trunk with K-jetronic system (OK: also with RUF 3,4 C-group cylinders and pistons, RUF B-group camshafts, built and blueprinted in RUF), KKK-27-32 turbo, Blownsixdesign Intercooler, twinspark system with RSR 12-plug ignition cover, and well powered... a long way more than 400rwhp. A way more than 500rwhp... Yes, it starts with figure 6... And torque also in about same figures in Nm. And how long does it last? Now after it came in a wooden box from RUF, it has lasted over 45000km hard use (this summer more than 1000 laps of different tracks both time attack and serious race purposes). Now we are about to open it for the regular maintenance and service it for the next 40000km or so. Also turbo will be rebuild back to same specs.
I don't see K-jetronic as a problem, it just is violent and rough with its behaviour, but that is why I love it: excellent on race track when you want to have it now (don't drop your rpm below 3500, or you are slow as a donkey, but): between 3500-8000rpm I just love it . Ok, it behaves as a -76 Le Mans 935, but isn't that the most fun of it?

The expense: this car eats driveshafts for breakfast. And gasoline.

Exhaust system mounted in 2008 spring. The diameter of fire rings is 6mm larger than regular stock 930.

Exhaust system and KKK27-32 turbo. The clean side turbine spools quickly after 3000rpm even if the diameter is large. Waste gate is 935 dual system with 0,9bar spring and adjustable pressure. Usual boost is 1,0bar but the engine will be set after the maintenance for higher basic boost.

Full size intercooler mounted in 2008 spring. Tial dump valve.

Blownsixdesign 930 race-application intercooler replaced the RUF-application, because of the better airflowe and lower temperatures.

Gas pump system: two (150L/min.) collector pumps from main fuel tank (140L) with filters to catch tank (5L) which is always full (with direct return to the main tank), one front gas pump (200L+/min.) sucking from catch tank, one rear gas pump in engine bay (200L+/min.) keeps the thirsty engine served. With 'stupid' and simple system like this the last thing you want is to run lean...

Some quick camber adjustment going on: under the front hood is mounted 140L gasoline safety fuel cell: CIS isn't that economical, so this is the solution.

Club racing with street car: drive to the track, take the plates off and race With Proxes R888 semi slicks killing fast street car and with slicks a competitive race car.

Hitting lap times in Nordschleife this summer. 7.45 BTG in traffic with over 20 passes/lap, so not so slow street car any more. Eating easily for breakfast very highly tuned Skylines, WXR:s, EVO:s like there is not even dialogue with those 'slalom cones'... as well as 997 GT3 RS:s, F430 CS:s Gallardo:s etc. With these there is some dialogue depending on driver, but not much... for giving you a scale of CIS-system. No need for more refined system, if you don't exactly love of playing with your laptop. I don't when I'm off duty and challenging myself with some of my rides.
SP Autobahn
Porsche inspector for Peter Morgan UK
"92" 964 turbo,Modified and recently rebuilt using all ARP hardware..
Purpose built fuel controller set up to acheive perfect fuel curve on CIS inj.

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