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Originally Posted by 911st View Post

Can we beg you for any pictures?

Thanks for the info.
Yes, sorry about delay in posting reply, distraction occurred, work or something equally pesky. Here is one photo before with the old SO2/F & SO3/R set up a few days before I got the XS's, and three shots after. My car is way too high (Bilstein Sports + DOT bumper/headlight height thing) - hope to get suspension sorted this month, but you can easily see the difference in filling out the fenders on my 6&9 x 16's going from 205/55 to 225/50 front, and from 245/45 to 265/45 rear, in the two rear side shots. Last shot is of the San Diego New Year's Day run Ed Hughes set up, my car is nearest camera, that's Ed's Targa "Ruby" next in line. I have to say again these are terrific tires, quiet, and I do not miss the SO's at all as I feared I would. Definitely improved turn-in with reduced understeer. Ride is superb, there are some ripply roads I know N of my home where my F250 CC & motorcycles are all totally unsettled, but these tires just soak it up (I'm running 32psi F & 34 R at the moment until I spend some time with the pyrometer) with aplomb and better than with the SO's.

I suspect after lowering and antiroll bars are in, it will need one front fender lip to be rolled a tad more (one was less flattened than the other), and possibly a bit of extra negative on the fronts, but you lucky turbo chappies will likely have no such issues. At the rear I can't quite get a finger between the tire and the torsion bar plate stud, but by all accounts, that's plenty, and no need to cut them down.

It does do the square wheel feel thing at full lock when parking which wasn't near as pronounced with the 205's on the front, I think it's just the extra tread width is too much for the geometry and it forces the grip point to skip back and forth across the contact patches - feels the same as if my leave my F250 in 4x4 and do tight (for a F250!) turns on blacktop.

Here's before with 205/55-16 SO2's F & 245/45-16 SO34's R

Here's after with the Kuhmo XS's, 225/50-16 F & 265/45-16 R

85 Carrera Coupe, OBD-I 993 3.6 conversion w/(ever-increasing list of mods)óclosing in on 425,000 miles. So far, 100,000 on the 3.6. Mad Wasp (Benelli TnT 1130).
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