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Not sure if you are saying if my comment was "not necessarily correct."

If so please help me understand where where I might be incorrect.

My first comment was" "the side to side requires a thicker core to flow the same CFM as a front to back".

What could be incorrect with that?

If you have a say 10" by 22" foot print for a core, if you run it side to side you will need to be about twice as thick to equal the core volume and approach the same CFM as a front to back. Also longer runs can create more back pressure from the slowing that comes with cooling.

My other point was: "With a thicker core one needs a longer run to cool the air as the lower part of a thick core will not work as well."

What might be incorrect with this?

A thicker core is chosen to make up for lack of surface area. Making it longer allows for it to approach, or equal the efficiency of a thinner core.

This dose not mean it needs to be twice as long if it is twice as thick. It also dose not mean a thicker core can not be more efficient than a thin core given a proper sizing and a long enough run. It is just not the best place to start.

Depending on CFM requirement and design, either lay out can out perform the other.

If going to side to side adds another elbow, 18" of tubing, and more fittings it is going to have an effect. As will end tank design and ducting. Over-sizing or unnecessary volume may also have some cost to throttle response.

Packaging and cost is more often the determining factor.

It is very possible that the best possible side to side may very well outperform the best front to back in several ways or applications like drag racing v road racing or throttle response v highest net temp drop irregardless of pressure drop.

I do not mean to infer in anyway that one style is better that the other.

I am far from an expert on intercoolers and have a lot to still learn.

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