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Msd 6530

Hey Guys,

I've been working on this new MSD install and wanted to share what I've learned so far. First I had concerns with locking out the distributor, possible phase shift issues, as well as hoping I could talk to someone who has used one. So with all those issues addressed I thought I'd throw it out there.

Quick pic. of it mounted:

I had a thousand questions so I read everything I could, talked with the MSD support people, they were incredibly knowledgeable and patiently helpful, and spoke with Jerry Woods who had just put one in a 930. When it was all done I have nothing bad to say and the flexibility of this thing is amazing.

What got my attention was the boost retard timing curve based on MAP sensor input. We're talking a boost timing curve can be programmed in relation to boost/vacuum pressure within the intake manifold. The curve can be programmed from 2 to 45 psia from 0-25* in 0.1* incriments with up to 32 different points and the points are interpolated every millisecond. Really helps take the guess work out of it no more dials to set.

The timing curve has the same flexability. You can program 0-12,500 RPM in
0.1* increments for every 100 RPM up to 32 points and they are interpolated every millisecond.

Initally you can hook the box up and run the default settings for both Boost retard and Run retard curves and it will operate just like a plain old stand alone MSD 6AL. You can leave the Boost default setting and work on the Run curve and then go back and work on your Boost curve or vice versa. You can run just a Boost Retard curve, just a Run Retard curve, or both.

With the completely programmed Run Retard curve you will need to lockout the distributor. Locking out requires that you disable the vacuum advance, strip out the mechanical advance springs and weights and lock the advance plat in a fixed position. This is no different than what is required with any stand alone programmable ignition system. The possibility of phase shift issues can occure with high RPM applications but can be compensated for by repositioning the reluctor wheel or offseting the rotor position.

I am personally going to hook things up with both defaults set untill I get it running and then work on a Boost curve. I will simply run the distributor as is untill I get the Boost Retard Curve done and then look at locking out the distributor and building the Run Retard curve.

I talked with Jerry Woods today about proper locking out of the distributor and he told me he just finished installing and programming a 6AL-2. He said it was a great controller and easy to install and program. He was impressed with
the flexability and how easy it was compared to screwing with weights and springs.

Hope this is a help to everyone. I was lucky because I'm cheap and had done some horse trading to get my original 6AL and BTM so after selling them I only had about $80.00 extra out of pocket for the new unit. I really pleased with the potential I see with this unit. My only problem is I just noticed the is no motor in my car !!!!!!!

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