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Originally Posted by Hayabusa View Post
Way to quote me out of context, Vuilture!

The last time I checked we are not talking about million dollar Ferrari's here.

We are talking about Porsche's that are dear to OUR hearts that will never, well at least not in our foreseeable economy and future, amount to much more in the collector world than the 30 to 55 grand arena that they continue to fluctuate in.

I don't know what kind of painters you have up your way, but there are many that can paint full panels, match exactly whatever colours and blend perfectly with other panels to Porsche's exacting standards or beyond! Nothing less.

Unless he can, out of pure unadulterated luck, find an exact colour coded valance he STILL has a re-painted driver side door. And to half-paint a lower valance that has been welded, ground, prepped and repainted doesn't make sense on anyone's car when quality work to a perfectly good NOS valance can be done easier! The reason is because he would be left to blending as you said, which in my opinion, would and could lead to more frustrations and possible inconsistencies.

And because of your lack of detail in quoting, I will conclude in saying that if you re-read what I said, nowhere will you find any inference of taking the "cheap way" out!

Maybe when he spots that one car with a valance that is being parted out he can grab the door, too!
"Second rate" usually refers to taking the easy way out. Your advice is fine, just different than the way I would do it with the people I know ( VoitureLTD est 1979). I can only use my experience of collecter car presentation of high end cars. We did mostly in the early years, many collectable cars, specializing in 300SL and 507 BMW including serial# 1 alumimium gullwing with 8K original miles, original family owned. The Concourse evaluation at the end of the day was how much original could be kept with the finished car as close to perfection that is achieable. The goal is as much of the car left as built with original finish the better. Value of the car, be it $50K or $500K, should not be always be the deciding factor. I'm not saying my way is right by some folks standards, just a way to keep it as original as possible. In the years when we did our restoration business the value of the 300SL and 507s have increased many times since and have been internationally judged as among the finest. Who knows where the value of a (vurtually perfect) 930 will be in years to come. As an aside Cellison had been agonizing over buying this car. I had bought from this high quality seller before and we ( unbeknownst to Cellison) decided one more day for him to pull the trigger ( he did ) otherwise I would wire the mony for this car. My opinion was, based upon how nice it otherwise was, were I to get it, would be to repair the valance to keep this fine car as original as possible. Congratulations Charles on getting a really good ( mostly original ) early 930. If you ever decide to part with it for a 76 or 77 I hope you remember my gesture.
Anthony @ Voitureltd Bayside WI.

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