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Holy *****... my headers are done!!! Yippie!!!!

Holy cow, Brian... they are finally done! Kick ass!!! I will give you a call later tonight or tomorrow to finalize.

I wanted to address a few points others have brought up if I may.....

This whole header debackle started for me when I was rebuilding my engine and knew that headers were one of the parts that I needed to purchase. Since I was upgrading just about everything else, I felt this area needed to be addressed as well. I met DonE, and upon seeing his custom headers from Marco Manzie, I knew that was the route I wanted to take. I liked the fact that his headers were in 3 pieces: both sets of primaries, and attached via v-band clamps, the secondaries. If Don needed to, he could take off the secondaries along with the turbo and in a matter of minutes, have wonderful access to change cam timing, fix leaks, etc. I liked that. I also liked the fact that they had bigger primaries, and were equal length. ( Don will tell you that if he had to do it again, he probably would just go with "shorty" headers). He also told me that.... go with shorty headers. For the street, there is not much better for quick boost, and low lag. I agree with him, but still was drawn to the equal length. So, that is where I started my search....

I called Marco Manzie. I told him that I wanted an exact copy of the headers he made DonE, and that I had cash in hand ready to buy. IIRC, he quoted me a price of right around $2800 to $3000. To make a long story short, he drug his feet and would never commit to make or start on them. So Marco was out..... ( He is now putting more of his time into Supras and WRX's)

Next was Bob Holcome. Called him up and had to sit down when he told me his price... $5000 to $6000 for a set!!!! Holy grape ape, Batman!!!! Holcome is considered one of the best, but I knew I could have close to the same product for way cheaper..... still the search continues.

I have a friend of mine here in middle GA who has build himself a tiwn turbo AMC Rambler that has a dyno verified 2560 HP. He built the entire car by himself, and is very good at fabbing parts. I called him up and asked if this was something he could handle. He said "yea, no problem", but in the end, he too was also too busy with his own projects to comitt to building them.

About that time, Brian posted up here that he was thinking about making headers in addition to his mufflers he had been producing. I contacted Brian and told him of my dillema and what I wanted in a set of headers. Brian jumped at the opportunity and was one of the first people I had talked to in a long time that said, "yea, I can build em, and I will!"

I told Brian the criteria that I wanted and that I had a few special areas of concern. One of which being the V-band flange at the turbo instead of a T3 or T4. The next being larger primaries and secondaries. And third, the use of Burns SS collectors (this was before Brian had his own collectors made). On a side note, I know the Burns stuff is very high quality, but OMG it is EXPENSIVE!!!!

I knew Brian was not going to have these headers done in a short amount of time, as he was in the process of building a business. We just had our first child, and coupled with other things, the car was not my first priority. Brian needed to build jigs and fixtures for the stock size (1.5") primaries before getting to the bigger sizes. Plus, there was differences in my headers that would probably not be repeated on the other headers. All of that takes time. Brian had emailed me, called me, and generally kept touch with me during the process. There were a couple of hiccups, but nothing that could not be worked out, which we did.

I have done my research as far as custom made headers go. I was getting sick of either getting the run around, or paying what I thought was WAY too much.

I knew that a set of B&B, Schenel (sp), GHL, stock, or any other "bolt on" set would not work for me. My heads were opened up, so I had to use bigger primaries, as the stock size would not even bolt up anymore. ( plus, I would have to cut up a new set, just to make the turbo flange fit). After seeing the quality of the stuff that was out there, a custom set was the only way to go. These cars are not Hondas, Toyotas, or any other "rice" car. These are older cars that most parts companies would not even think about coming out with a new product... there is just not the demand for the time and money spend in R&D.

Since I had changed so much stuff on my engine, there was no sense in demanding a dyno test. I know that these will flow much better than a stock, or another after maket setup, and will also be better at combating "boost creep" with the dual WG circuits. Plus, with my engine, I can change the output just by changing a few settings in the ECU.

For the person reading this who has a STOCK CIS car, or a slightly modded one, then a dyno result might be good info for you, as it would show how these stack up against the stock setup, or one from some such as B&B. It would also be easier to accomplish, as the engine is closer to stock. I think in time, Brian will have the opportunity to do this.

So, the bottom line is what is a set of B&B's run right now? I bet Brian's setup is close in price, and would perfrom just as good, if not better ( dyno results would show this). Plus.... here is the kicker for me.... Why would you want to give any more of your money to a company such as B&B, who does not stand behind their product, and who could give a rat's ass who buys their product?? Not I...........

Yes, My car will be running the Tial GT-35r with the SS housing. With all the other improvments, this car should scream... not to mention how light the car is... Carbon Fiber is your friend!!
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