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Originally Posted by JFairman View Post
I know, and you're right. That corner is now not supported by anything but 2 rubber hoses so it will be flexing up and down a little bit with boost pressure rising and falling.

I was commenting on what looks like JB weld epoxy glue holding the blow off manifold together where he cut and modified it in 2 places to use the 25mm blow off valve.

Those parts should be tig welded for it to stay together over time but maybe he's just trying it out temporarily with glue to see if he notices a little less turbo lag between shifts with this setup before welding it.

A tiny spot with 14 psi air pressure pushing on it isn't much but over a larger surface area the force increases big time.
As an example of that try compressing a wastegate spring by hand some time...

Now add engine vibration, heat cycles which will slowly shrink the hardened epoxy, flexing of parts, and traces of oil mist to wick under the egdes of the hardened epoxy and the glue will eventually spit at the seam and there will be a huge vacuum leak.

Bring a AAA card.
Jim, you now own exclusive rights to say "I told you so".

On securing that mount a bit better....can-do if necessary, I have an alternate plan to mount that coupler to the engine to prevent any possible flexing.

Again, this is a work-in-progress. I'll find what works and what doesn't, improve upon it, patent it, and retire on the millions.
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