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Originally Posted by 911st View Post

That confirms my thoughts.

With this then, a larger compressor wheel will slow down the hot side and allow more air to be pushed through the cold side.

With this approach the WG circuit must be part of the equation we can count on.

I had a 7006 K29 and a 7006 based HF. They both hit full boost at about 3600rpm. The HF was an early version but in my case, even with the larger hot side I could not keep from getting exhaust creep with my B&B WG design. It took a Tial .7 bar WG w a EBC set at 1 bar to keep it from going over 1 bar. On just the .7 bar spring I would hit 1.1 bar.

However, the GT 35 seems evidence that a small turbine w a larger compressor wheel can work very well. Either its small hot side can pass more or our wast-gate circuit just needs to be there to take up the slack.

Yes, you are correct about WG circuit. If the compressor side is bigger, this circuit must be adjusted accordingly.

As, my intake ports and plenum have stock diameter and as I play with boost pressure with my EBC , I believe that a 7006 hot side with the suggested K29 compressor wheel+ machined stock casting could be a nice combo for my application & target.

In fact I am not looking for a turbo which could spool earlier than my stock K27-7200. I am looking for a turbo which could start to spool at the same RPM than the stock, which could come stronger and suddenly ( I like this "old" generation behaviour) and which have a better effiency until 6000 rpm ( not like the 7200 which start to lose wind above 5500 beyond 0.9 bar of boost) .

Now havind said that, if I want to do that I must find a nice 7006 core for rebuilt....... so once again if someone has a correct one... feel free to send me a PM
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