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I'm VP of a company that works within the auto industry and just put together a quote for GM and needed to do a cost justification as part of my quote.
In my research I found that the avg. hourly wage for a UAW plant floor worker is $72.00 an hour with benefits.
One of the Engineers I work with just got back from China and is setting up container shipments of auto parts to China for assembly and transport back to the US as completed vehicles. Mike said they can load, ship, assemble, load and ship back completed vehicles for 51% of the cost of building the same vehicle in a US GM plant.
In grew up with a Grandfather who was a union member and told me how he worked 10-12 hour days with 20 min. lunch breaks and pissed in a coffee can by his machine for a bathroom until the union was started. I will be the first to tell anyone there was a need for labor unions. In my lifetime I have belonged to 3 unions with different jobs I've had. A few years ago the local GM plant was negotiating their new contract and we were doing work in the plant at the time. The negotiations came down to a contract provision that provided either a golf membership or a personal trainer for each plant UAW worker. That is an example of how far an originally honorable cause
has been corrupted and abused.
The present administration is owned by labor unions and we are going to be paying for their portion of the tax on their Cadillac health care plans so they don't loose any of there $72.00 pr. hr. The irony of all this is the Labor Unions are driving American manufacturing to India, China, and Mexico are the first to ***** about all the jobs going overseas or to Mexico.
Juan is dealing with the decision right now of moving operations or going under with his company. I have been in nearly every auto plant in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil and I mean down on the floor where they run production and, hands down, the absolute best plant I have ever worked in was a Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tn. It was the cleanest, best organized, kindest workers, most co-operative and helpfull group I've ever worked with. This is a non union plant and the pay scale is $17-$19 an hour ad these people are proud of every vehicle that goes out the door.
My most memorable experience with the UAW was at a GM fab plant in Marion, In. I had a piece of equiptment that was not functioning and needed to change a board in the controller. First I needed a rigger to get me up to the controller cabinet, then I needed and electrician with me to test the board, then a rigger to get the cabinet down, but first another electrician to disconnect the wires, then a machine repairman to take the box loose, then another rigger had to get the box down, a machine repairman to take the cabinet to the shop, an electronics tech to pull thr board but she told me I would have to wait for second shift because she had just had her nails done and would not do it, second shift tech. changed the board, machine repair took the caninet back, rigger took the cabinet back up, machine repair reinstalled the cabinet, electrician connected the wires, rigger to take us back down. I had gone in the plant at 7:00 AM and left at 10:30 PM. It was 15 1/2 hrs at $72.00 an hour or $1,116.00 to change a pc board that I could have been done at the cabinet in 30 seconds. And the UAW is the first to ***** about jobs leaving the country.
We need to wake up here, Ovomit and the UAW are flushing our country.
I worked in the East Block 3-6 moths at a time when it was still communist/ socilaist and I can tell you for a fact, there is nothing good about it.

This is not a political statement it is simply what is real !!!

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